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Making Learning to Read Fun with Tiggly Words (Video)

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She’s in the thick of it. Everyday words. Sight words. Easy words. Not so easy words. She’s learning to read. Some days we breeze through and others we just don’t. But she’s getting it. Mostly we just use the family chalkboard, paper, pen and a few books to practice.

Tiggly WordsThe following post contains affiliate links. Feel free to explore as you choose.

But on days I want to switch things up,  I can break out Tiggly Words. We received a complementary box not too long and boy oh boy am I glad it’s here. I’ve used Tiggly Count Math to help with counting so Tiggly is a brand we have come to love.

Tiggly words

Tiggly Words in particular is for 4-8 old’s so my five year old is a perfect fit. The box of iPad toys comes with a carrying case and the accompanying apps are online. With all the travel we have coming up, I’ll be glad to take Tiggly Words with us. It would have been great to have it on our trip to Wyoming last month but I know there’ll be plenty of other opportunities to put it to good use.

Tiggly Words App

I like the fact that Tiggly Words is interactive and educational. She likes the fact that she is getting some tech time by playing games on mom’s iPad. I’ll call that a win.

Do you have an early reader at your house? Share your experience in teaching your kids how to read.


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