10 Reasons to Start a Family Garden

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Growing a family garden has always been a dream of mine. As a sun-kissed girl growing up in the islands, I definitely always had my choice of fresh fruits to choose from. I remember feasting from their succulent flesh, pushing the seeds into the ground, adding a little water and hoping that those seeds would eventually grow into something wonderful.

Recent rashes of salmonella outbreaks and now the coronavirus bring back the importance of what a family garden can bring. Having a family garden reduces the impact on your grocery budget, minimizes reliance on going to the grocery store and help keep your family healthy in more ways than one.

reasons to start a family garden

Starting a family garden is a great investment with minimal start-up costs and tremendous rewards. Here are ten reasons that you should start a family garden of your own.

1. It’s Affordable

2. Teaches Kids Responsibility

A family garden is a great way to get “all hands on deck” while teaching kids responsibility. Children as young as two years can help with tasks like weeding, watering plants and selecting what crops to grow. It’s a rewarding experience all around.

3. Burns Calories

Gardening has been said to burn between 350-450 calories a hour… no treadmill or free weights required.

4. It’s a Lesson in Science

Forget about learning about ecosystems in science books. Organic gardens have a plethora of organisms interacting all the time and it’s a marvel to watch.

5. Grow What You Want

One of the most delightful things about having a family garden is growing exactly what you want, when you want ( climate permitting of course). If you like carrots, grow some carrots! Hate arugula? Skip it and grow spinach instead. It’s your family garden, you get to pick and choose what you want to grow.

If you young kids get them involved and see what they want to grow too. You may be surprised, they just may try it!

6. Share What You Don’t

One of the things I like about gardening is sharing our harvest with neighbors and friends. It’s quite a joy and always brings a smile to someone’s face.

7. You Need Less Space than you Think

If you are thinking about starting a family garden, don’t let space be a hindrance. Container gardening and vertical space gardening are great options for those short on space. 

8. Less Trips to the Store

Growing your own produce means less trips to the grocery store which is always a good thing. In need of some spring greens for next salad? Just go out and snip some. No car ride or gas money required. In between the time that your family garden is just getting started, use a service like Misfits to get the fresh organic produce you need. 

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9. It’s Just Good for You

Having an organic family garden means more fruits and veggies to enjoy, will intern will help boost immunity. Have a family garden also leads to more sun exposure for all, some exercise, time outdoors, family bonding and lots of smiles. All those of which can have a tremendous positive impact on one’s health. 

10. Fosters Family Bonding

family garden

Having a family garden is not just about the food, it’s about family. Tilling, growing, toiling and reaping together with memories that will last a lifetime.

(Original date” 9/15/15. Updated 3/26/20)

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