Coronavirus: 10 Ways to Stay Calm During a Pandemic

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Numbers continue to climb and anxiety continues to rise as the coronavirus starts to take entire states and countries hostage. Birthday celebrations are being postponed, weddings are having to be rescheduled. Vacations that had been planned for years are being refunded and all of a sudden, parents have embarked on emergency homeschooling.

The threat of the coronavirus has anxiety through the roof. Some worry about considering the safety of food delivery and others make their spouses change their clothes as soon as they walk through the door. Anxiety breeds where there is a lack of control. Want to decrease your anxiety and introduce more calm during this season of this coronavirus? Here are ten ways to stay calm during a pandemic.

1. Make a Plan for Groceries

One of this biggest reasons for anxiety during a pandemic, like the coronavirus, is fear of running out of food and supplies. So here’s how to introduce more calm. If you plan to go to the stores in person, call ahead and find out what time they receive their supplies. (Hint: It’s usually overnight or first thing in the morning.)

Make a list of exactly what you need and stick to it. Wake up a little earlier and get to the store 30 minutes before it opens. Stick to your list, stick to your plan and be in and out before most of the masses.

For those that want to avoid the stores all together, read my post about “How to Get Healthy Groceries Delivered to Your Door“. By the way, one of those online companies is a “ready to go” vegan food box service, that will give you 25% off your first order.

2. Go Anxiety-Free

One of the problems with stress and anxiety is that you never know when it is going to hit you. That’s why it’s good to be prepared no matter what comes your way. RidgeCrest Anxiety-Free is a great and natural way to introduce more zen and less stress.

Their formula contains natural adaptogens and b-vitamins that smooth out the kinks. RidgeCrest Anxiety-Free is easy to get and comes in capsules (so it’s easier to take) and won’t give you a jittery feel afterwards. Just take two capsules at the beginning of each day.

In addition, RidgeCrest is taking extra steps to protect their employees and customers during the Covid-19 crisis.

Here’s how:

  • RidgeCrest is taking extra precautions with sanitation protocols and keeping staff areas clean.
  • Orders that are prepared for customers are packed with gloved hands.
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  • Almost all of the employees have transitioned to working remotely (excluding those working to get you your quality product shipped on time).

You can easily find the Anxiety-Free directly on the RidgeCrest Herbals website or order them directly from Amazon.

3. Music

One of my favorite quotes is from Bob Marley is “One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain”. I’ll also add that when music hits, stress reduces, anxiety decreases and the truth is music does help to reduce pain.

I’ve resorted to signing up for Amazon Music Unlimited as a part of my self care regimen. Music plays a tremendous role in reducing stress and helping me stay calm.

Right now you can sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited and get a FREE 30-day trial.

Join Amazon Prime Music – The Only Music Streaming Service with Free 2-day Shipping – 30-day Free Trial

4. Yoga

The benefits of yoga cannot be denied and have been documented for thousands for years. Not only do those that practice yoga experience physical benefits but, there are a plethora of mental benefits .

Doing yoga moves your body to a more mindful state. Yoga gives you a sense of self control and a sense of control even when life is going crazy all around you.

Yoga helps to decrease anxiety and move you into a more peaceful state.

Read this article to find out what you need to set up a yoga room at home: 12 Tools to Create a Yoga Room at Home

There are several classes available no matter where you are in your yoga/wellness journey.

5. Start a Family Garden

Often times, the things that are the best for us are the same things that we claim to have no time for. Gardening is one of those things.

Gardening is soothing, calming and reduces anxiety as well as stress. Just the very act interacting with nature is enough to calm the mind and take it away from daily stressors even if only for a 30 minutes.

Since every one is home for the most part and socially distancing, there is no better time to start a family garden.

The normal interruptions of travel and hectic schedules don’t apply here. In addition, not to mention starting a garden will help to lower food costs and limit reliance on the grocery stores.

Interested? Here are 10 Reasons to Start a Family Garden

6. Take a Walk

Quarantine and social distancing are not the same thing (even though, we some times use them interchangeably.

That means that you can go outside (keeping a distance that is at least 6 feet from others and keeping groups of people less than 10) and take walks. Taking walks are especially beneficial during the day because most people aren’t getting enough vitamin D.

Want to go for a walk? Read this post to find out why spring walks rock!

Read: Why Spring Walks Rock

7. Spring Clean Your Diet

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, eighteen percent of the population suffers with anxiety. And there’s no telling what that percentage jumps up to in times of crisis like a pandemic.

Did you know that there are nutritional strategies to ease anxiety? The reason that mood and diet are so intimately linked is because about 95% of serotonin receptors are located in the gut.

To cement this thought, there is even a new branch of psychiatry called Psycho-Nutrition.

Simple carbs, foods high in sugar and artificial colors have been shown to make people feel more jittery and anxious.

If you’re having problems with the amount of sugar in your diet, download this free guide: 7 Sugar Hacks to Crush Cravings to a jump start on a healthier diet.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, foods high in magnesium (like nuts), berries and complex carbohydrates however have a beneficial effect on mood and anxiety. Fortunately, these foods are also found in immune boosting recipes like these:

Not only can you help your body beat anxiety and stress but, you can help build your immune system at the same time.

8. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

When it comes to staying calm during a pandemic, getting a good night’s sleep is a simply thing that you can do that’s absolutely free. Seven to nine hours of sleep are the current sleep recommendations for adults.

Not only can insufficient sleep increase stress levels not getting enough sleep negatively affects immunity and can cause an increase in weight gain as well.

So do yourself a favor and respect your sleep time. Getting restful and adequate sleep is one of the easiest ways to stay calm during an epidemic.

9. Catch Up on Reading

Reading is not just for kids. Reading can act as a great escape to whatever is going on in your life and your world.

Set up some reading time to read a book or your favorite magazine.

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10. Limit Exposure

News can be informative but it can also be depressing and anxiety producing.

Find reliable sources for information on the coronavirus and stick to those. One national, one international and one local news source should be good.

I highly recommend using the World Health Organization as your international news source. It’s important to also have a source of local information so you can keep tabs on things like school and business closings/openings as well as local resources.

Anything more than that and you risk total overwhelm. You should also consider muting or limiting informal news sources from friends and acquaintances if it’s having a negative effect on your state of well-being.

Plugging into the news all day long is just not healthy. Pick three times during the day (morning, afternoon, night) and check in with the news at those designated times.

Shut off from news articles and programming at least 2 hours before bedtime as to not affect your sleep.

None of us wished for Covid-19, but these are not just tips you can use to help during a pandemic, these are tips that will help to sustain you throughout life.

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