Emergency Homeschooling: Yes, You Can Do It

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There are 2.5 million homeschool students in the United States. That number continues to grow at a rate of 2% to 8% every year. The fact that you’re here reading about emergency homeschooling, means that you’re thinking about being one of them or are reluctantly going to be in a situation where your kids are learning from home.

Emergency Homeschooling: You need to know this before you start.

So let me help you. I’m a proud homeschool mom of officially five years now. Let me guess. Your first thought is, “How did you start homeschooling?” Or, “What made you want to homeschool your kids?” You can read about what made me take the plunge here.

The real value in reading this article, is reducing your self doubt. Whether your decision to emergency homeschool is voluntary or involuntary, you’re doubtful that you can do it. But before you go any further down the tunnel of self doubt I want to tell you, “Yes you can”.

If you child is not thriving in a traditional school setting…


If your community is being threatened by a novel virus…


If your husband just got a new job in a different state in the middle of the school year and you won’t be able to transfer to the new school right away…


How do I know?

I’ve seen you before. And I’ve spoken to dozens of you. Online. At the park. At the museum. When my kids pull out their math books on the plane. At the library. On the telephone.

I see you.

You think you don’t have the patience. But you’ve filled out dozens of forms or taken your daughter to dozens of physicians to get the services she needs.

You think that you’re not resourceful enough, but you talk to several moms about the best activities and summer camps for your child. Even setting alerts in January so that you can secure a prime spot before anyone else.

You’ve even scoured the web to find the best swim class with an instructor that suits your child’s learning style.

And what happens if it doesn’t work out. You switch. You switch classrooms. You switch schools. You switch activities.

What’s my point exactly? You’ve got this, and you can change your mind about the books you use, courses your child takes, curriculum you try at any time.

You had your child’s back when they were born and you still have it today. The real issue is that all of a sudden you think that you have to be Laura Ingles from the Little House on the Prairie.

Or maybe you think that you have to have your house together like Carol Brady from the Brady Bunch.

Get over it. What’s most important is that you love your child. If something is not working, switch. That’s it.

If this emergency homeschooling situation is due to something like a virus. Let’s hypothetically call that virus a name like the “coronavirus” for example. That’s just a name that comes to the top of my head right now. The one thing that should give you solace is that this is temporary.

You don’t all of a sudden need to have a perfect homechooling room like you see on Pinterest. Shoot…half the time we do school on the dining table, sometimes in the sun room and even at the kitchen counter.

Your kids don’t have to wear a uniform. If your kid wants to be Woody from Toy Story or Tiana from the Princess Frog while they go through math drills…let them do that. In our homeschool, we have a general schedule but sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. And that’s OK.

We’ve been known to have several class sessions during the evening on days when I’m swamped with my business or we both needed a break earlier during the day. That’s OK too.

No two homeschool families are the same and neither are the “classrooms”…wherever that part of the house or world that may be.

I’ve been around long enough to know that you’re feeling self doubt. That’s OK. Acknowledge it and move forward.

You think you have to be perfect. I’ll be the first to tell you, nah…you don’t. What you need is love for that child and the ability to be flexible when things are not working.

By the way, you don’t have to teach everything and you don’t have to know everything.

My kids get a kick of knowing that sometimes that I’m learning right along with them. I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve used professor YouTube to help me explain something that I didn’t fully understand.

Mindset is important. So like I tell my kids’, “Get your mind right.”

Are you going to do this or are you going to convince yourself that you CAN’T before you even start?

Whether it is for two weeks or 13 years…


Got it? Good. No one said it had to be forever. Now go make your kids proud.

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Homeschool Tools You Can Use

Try this: Does your child like to cook? This company is giving away 25,000 kits to homeschool students for free to help entertain families at home due to the coronavirus outbreak. They have recipes that go along with lesson plans and it’s a delicious way to learn.

And be sure to check out some of my homeschooling tips on TLCme.

Other Homeschool Resources & Tools:

Outschool (Over 8,000 classes for students K-12)

ABC Mouse (You can TRY IT FOR FREE for 30 days)

Kiwi Crate (Keep your kids busy with science and art for all ages delivered in a crate. Get 30% off your first order!)

Brain Pop: Educational game and activities for kids. This video about the coronavirus is a great learning tool for kids.

Bluprint: Take advantage of classes in art, photography, quilting, cooking, knitting and more to keep your kids active and “smartly” busy. Free classes until 4/16.

Scholastic Learn at Home (Lots of projects to keep kids learning during the recent coronavirus epidemic)

Education.com (Resources for preschool to fifth grade for learning, printables and interactive games)

Mystery Science: (So much fun! For a limited time (due to coronavirus), get access to a starter list of K-5 classes for free)

Art for Hub Kids (My kids love this channel. A great way to get creative)

If you want to learn more about me why I started homeschooling, you can read about it here: Why I Homeschool: Even Though I Was Scared As Crap.

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