What Do You Dream of Accomplishing? (Plus, Enter Disney Memories Giveaway!)

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I have dreams. Lots of dreams. Many of them, I’ve been able to accomplish. Others, I’m still working on.

Since we recently started a new year, there’s been lots of chatter about vision boards, goals setting and life plans.

I think I shocked many in a Facebook group recently when I said I don’t do vision boards.

I don’t knock them. You do what works for you. But, for over 40 years visualizing my goals, banishing excuses and actively working towards those goals has worked for me.

Some of those goals I visualized were things like winning a pageant, getting married to a sweetheart of a guy, and having two children, a boy and a girl.

I also visualized things like rocking a two piece bikini in a 40+ mom bod. Having access to unrestricted travel with my family, getting a doctorate, becoming a speaker, TV correspondent and being selected as an OmagInsider long before those things happened for me.

I can’t tell you that they happened right away. But I’ll tell you that I never stopped working and dreaming to make those dreams a reality. And there’s more to do.

I can’t speak for men but, there’s a comparison trap that women fall into.

“Well she can do that because she doesn’t have to work.”

“She can do that because she doesn’t have kids.”

“She can do that, because her kids are well behaved.”

It’s always something until you see someone worst off than you doing exactly what you want to do.

And guess what? Someone is already doing exactly what you want with less money, less support, less resources,

I’ve been there. I get it. But it’s time to get out from the trap.


Well because you have one earthly life to live. I don’t know about you but, I’m trying to give this thing the best I have. You owe yourself the same thing. Try. Fail. And then keep trying again and again. Make time. Let me say this again, make time to follow your dreams.

Not scheduling time means that it just won’t happen.

That’s what I like about Disney. Disney is not just about Ariel who dreamed of being a human and walking on land. Disney is for dreamers like me. Disney is for dreamers like you.

As such, I’m partnering with Feld Entertainment as a Feld Ambassador to tell you more about Disney on Ice Celebrate Memories.

The event brings together your favorite Disney stories as they come to life as part of Disney on Ice. You can sail along with Moana, see love win in Frozen or share excitement with Woody, Buzz and the rest of the crew.

Frozen is coming to the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore from February 5th – February 9th.

Currently you can buy $15 tickets to Wednesdays or Thursday’s show. Weekend tickets start at just $20.

To purchase tickets, just click the link below.

www.ticketmaster.com (Use the discount code: BLOGGER to save $5 on tickets until 2/17)

I’m also giving away four tickets to the Disney Memories on Ice Show at the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, MD.

One person will win 4 tickets and have their choice of attending either the Saturday, February 8 show at 6:30pm or the show on Sunday, February 9th, at 4:00pm.

Enter the giveaway (Giveaway-Ends Jan 29th, 2020-Closed)

To be eligible: You must be a US resident 18 and over to win.

Note* Winner will notified via email and will have to respond by a tight deadline. So use an email address that you frequently check.

PS, I’m talking to you mommas. Stop the excuses and push forward to living the life of your dreams. But first, enter this giveaway because it’s pretty sweet.

***Update: Use the Discount Code BLOGGER to save $5 on tickets!***

Disney on Ice Disney Memories was so much family fun. My family and I attended on opening night at Royal Farms Arena. Here’s a tip for you you attend with your family.

Inside the arena will get cold due to the ice so keep the winter coats nearby in case anyone gets cold. There was one intermission half way during the show so time those bathroom breaks accordingly.

Get your tickets for Disney on Ice here.

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    Elizabeth Miller

    Good Morning! Now this is an amazing giveaway that we would love to attend, however, nothing on the page is linking to a place to enter for it.

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      Dr. Lisa

      Oh no…let me check it out and get back to you.

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      Dr. Lisa

      All set Elizabeth! You can go ahead and enter.

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