April Grocery Sales Cycles

April Grocery Store Sale Cycles: What to Buy this Month

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Below is the grocery store sales cycle for the month of April. It feels as if I blinked my eyes and April just appeared. If you missed any of the other sales cycles you will be able to  find them under the grocery shopping tab.

April Grocery Sales Cycles


April Sales Cycles 

Spring is finally here! Here is what you can expect to see on sale at the grocery store this month. As always, please feel free to to comment and let me know what type of grocery store items are on seasonal sale where you live. Please note that sales cycles may differ according to region.

In April we celebrate not only spring but, Easter  as well.  People are happy to get outdoors and make up for months of being cooped up. Here is what you can expect to find on sale this month.

Health & Wellness/Personal

Allergy medicine (eye drops, liquids, tablets etc)

Cleaning products

Bandages/first aid


Easter candy

Eggs (closer to Easter)


Also, spring is when things start to get exciting in the produce department. To find out what fruits and vegetables are in season visit: fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org

What grocery shopping trends have you seen where you live?

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    Anna Hettick

    Love these posts Lisa! Always good to know what to stock up on! 🙂

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