Why a Trip to Disney is the Perfect Moms’ Girls Trip

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I went to Disney World without my kids.


Let that sink in for a moment. Like really. Not only did I spend three days in Walt Disney World but I ventured on a 3 day Disney Cruise aboard the Disney Dream as well. The other part of this story is, I got to go with one of my great friends and now I know why a trip to Disney is the Perfect Mom’s Girl Trip.

In full transparency, I was invited to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Conference which is currently 3 days on land and 3 days on sea aboard the Disney Dream. Various circumstances made it impossible to take my family so I really did consider declining the invitiation.

What would my kids say?

I mean sure they can forgive me for going on a business trip without them but, this is Disney World and a Disney Cruise…how would they move past this?

But as soon as I thought about declining the invitation, I remembered that I declared 2018 as my year of “YES”. It’s the year that I say bye bye to my thirties and hello to the sweet forties. It’s the year that I continue working on putting myself first. I grab every opportunity I can by the horns and am unapologetic about it.

So, I called up my girlfriend and asked her to push pause on homeschooling her four little ones and go on a six day journey to Disney with me.

I was sure she would say “no”. But, that’s exactly where the Disney Magic began and where this post begins. I guess you can figure out what happened based on the title of this post.

Here is why a trip to Disney (Disney World & Disney Dream) is the perfect mom’s girl trip.

Take Advantage of Magic Hours

OK so newsflash, you can take kids to the Disney Park at night too. But if your kids are younger, (like 8 and below), they may get tired quickly and crash early leaving your magic hour dreams in the dust.

For Disney newbies, magic hours and extra magic hours are specific times in the evening after the normal park operating hours and on select mornings before the parks open, that Disney Hotel guests can go to the parks and experience selected rides and attractions.

Height Requirements Are Not a Factor

When fun has no height restrictions or requirements, the possibilities are endless. Go on the fastest roller coaster or check out more chill rides and attractions like at Dinosaurland at Animal Kingdom. No splitting up based on who wants to do what. You can do it all and in less time.

You Don’t Have to Take Pictures with the Characters But…Of Course You’ll Want To

It’s the weirdest thing, when the kids aren’t around, you remember that you’re just a little kid yourself stuck in a grown person’s body.

So welcome picture taking with them all, it’s part of the Disney experience.

Order Fancy Food and Eat it Hot

Whole Yellowtail at Jungle Navigation Skipper Canteen Restaurant

Listen, these are things that only a mother with young children will understand but, sometimes you just want to eat your food hot. Sometimes, you don’t want to feed anyone else but yourself or cut anyone else’s food. And sometimes, you just want to order fish with the head on it and offer no explanations at all.

Check Out All Four Theme Parks

Did you know that Disney World is made up of four theme parks and two water parks? The theme parks alone, (Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios) have so much to offer. If you’re like me, sometimes it can be hard to explore them all especially with young children. Possibly, you have already been to Disney World and have been to the same theme park over and over again. Planning a trip to Disney with another mom friend is a great way to do some “reconnaissance”, and check out which park, attractions and rides will work for you and your family.

Eat Treats Whenever You Want

Do you remember those rules that you implemented with your kids? “No sweets before dinner” or “You already had ice cream three times today”? You don’t have to follow any of them.

Get a Balcony and Actually Enjoy It

You have your choice of rooms when booking a Disney cruise and that room can even include a balcony. The problem is, especially as a mom with young kids, having access to a balcony can be nerve wrecking. When booking an adult’s only mom’s girlfriend Disney cruise for example, you can enjoy the balcony and relax on it whenever you want.

Enjoy the Show

There are quite a few shows aboard the Disney Dream. The Golden Mickeys, Disney’s Believe and Beauty and the Beast (my favorite) are the shows you can see while on a 3 day Disney Dream cruise. But, here’s the problem I have with these shows, little kids always want to use the bathroom. You can take them on a potty break right before the show, and sometime in between when the show starts getting good…


“Mommy, I need to potty”.

It never fails.

Explore the Adult’s Only Beach on Castaway Cay

If you’re not planning on renting a Cabana , make sure you check out Serenity Bay on Castaway Cay for Disney guests age 18 and over. The family beach can get crowded and Serenity Bay offers a break from the crowds. If you’re taking a break from your kids, might as well take a break from everyone else’s too.

Let Your Hair Down

I love traveling with my family. Traveling with kids is something my groom and I have done ever since our kids were little bits. But there’s something about traveling with girlfriends that is so relaxing, and allows you to “let your hair down”.

And by “letting your hair down”, I mean dancing in the Bahamian streets like there is not a care in the world.

Fondness Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Time away from the regular hustle and grind at home helps to rekindle appreciation for what you do.

By the way, soon enough my little people will be back to their Disney vacation ways, and I can’t wait to experience it again with them!

Until then, I just had the best girls’ trip at the “Most Magical Place on Earth”.

So, if you’re looking for a great moms only getaway, consider Disney. From land to sea, there are many reasons to put an adult’s only moms’ Disney trip on your list.

Why you should take a Disney Moms' Trip without the Kids


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    Moira Ballard

    OMG! Moms/Girlfriends trip are so good for the soul! A chance to relax and encourage one another in this journey called life! Much needed trip that so blessed me!

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      It was indeed a trip that I will never forget! Thanks for being a great friend and my plus one.

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