Sesame Place Tips: 10 Insider Tips to Sesame Place

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Have you been to Sesame Place? Sesame Place is an amusement park located in Langhorn, Pennsylvania specifically for young children. Besides that, the most important thing that you should know about Sesame Place is that it’s all based on Sesame Street and is lots of fun. So if you make a trip there, make it count.  To help you do just that I’ve put together ten insider Sesame Place tips to help you maximize your stay.

Sesame Place

1.Get the App

sesame place sign

There’s an app for that. Are you surprised? Download the Sesame Place app for maps, show listings, ride wait times and more! There’s even a car locator so that you can easily find your car.

2. Plan the Stay

sign at Sesame Place

Like any theme or amusement park, poor planning can lead to frustration, wasted time and missed opportunities. Navigate Sesame Place’s website prior to your trip to help plan your stay. While at the park, use the app as mentioned above. Signs at the park do a good job of listing available show times during the day but the app makes it so much have easier to have show times at your finger tips.

Buy a season pass and save on multiple trips. Buy your ticket online versus at Sesame Place and in some instances you can save up to $25 dollars per ticket.

Save even more by signing up for Ebates and earn 2.5% cash back on your ticket purchase. (Sign up for Ebates)

That’s what I did and we saved even more on our four tickets. I wish I knew about Ebates sooner.

There’s a Sunny Day Guarantee

oscar the grouch with mom

Basically, if it rains continuously for one hour and you choose to leave the park, you can trade that admission ticket to come pack to the park another day. Update 2017: I am not sure why but every time I go to Sesame Place it rains.

Here are some items that will help you make the best of a rainy day at Sesame Place:

Sesame character umbrella
Portable raincoat (comes in several colors)
Waterproof cell phone case-These type of cases work like a charm. Not just for rainy days but for the water rides too. I used my waterproof cell phone case on all the water rides and it worked like a charm. My only suggestion though is to be sure that you don’t pack your case with bulky items like wallets and car keys. That could cause the case to not close securely and then your phone will be ruined.

Also note that all the above items are sold at Sesame Place but it’s so much less expensive to buy before you go.

Speaking of the sunny day guarantee Sesame Place can get super hot, especially during the summer time. You may want to order a few of these personal fans for your family even before you go.

4. There are Toys and Novelties Everywhere

Abby cadabbby doll

Souvenirs and toys are on every corner, so you better be prepared. If you don’t have a chat with your children ahead of time (about limits), your time at the park could turn sour really quickly. Some parents opt to buy their licensed plush toys and merchandise at places like ahead of their trip and save some money that way.

There are also lots of options for purchasing t-shirts too.

A cute and more affordable idea is to order each person in your party their favorite Sesame Street character shirt ahead of the trip to Sesame Place and wear it while on your trip.

Celebrating a birthday? Your kids will love this customized Sesame Street T-shirt. Complete with their name and age.

They come in a great array of colors.

Another option is to buy the smaller sizes of Sesame Street character favorites, instead of the larger ones which are more expensive.

5. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Monsters

oscar the grouch with kids

If  you opt not to have a character breakfast or participate in other character dining, all opportunities for taking pictures with friendly monsters are not lost. Monsters frequently show up unannounced at Sesame Place.

You just have to keep your eyes peeled, have your camera ready and watch out for swarming kids. By the way, I didn’t go crazy for the food at the character breakfast anyway. So, if you are tight on cash get breakfast at a nearby restaurant or at your hotel (if it’s good) and save some bucks.

6. Always be Camera Ready

Abby Cadabby

There is something special about being at Sesame Place.  I mean, it’s basically like taking a walk through Sesame Street. You never know what you are going to see. On our recent trip, our daughter walked up to Abby Cadabby and shyly showed her, her own Abby Cadabby that she held. That moment was pretty special. If you’re looking for a camera to capture those memories, the Cannon series is pretty special.

7. See at Least One Show

Sesame street character show

There are lots of shows to choose from at Sesame Place. Elmo the Musical and Elmo Rocks are just a few that we saw.

Update 2017: For Abby’s and Friends Show I learned that the best seats are the first row (ones not reserved for handicapped) and the seats next to the platform currently labeled (ABC, 123). This is where the characters spend the most time when not on the stage and your children can get lots of interaction and hugs too.

Don’t feel bad for me. After my daughter sulked and complained the next day we came back and sat right where we were supposed to be.

You won’t regret seeing one of these shows, but you will regret not going. It’s just so much fun and the kids have a blast.

8. Be Prepared to Get Wet

water ride at Sesame place

You didn’t think that it was all dry fun did you? There are designated places at Sesame Place for wet fun too. It may be better to plan your stay so that you have designated wet days and dry days because there is so much to do. If you do choose to get involved in the wet attractions, don’t forget to bring appropriate swim wear , towels and a change of clothes for everyone. Lockers are available for rent. Don’t forget to bring swim shoes too.

Shop Kids Swim Shoes

Swim rides close between 8:00pm and 8:30pm, 30-60 minutes before the park.

9. See the Parade

sesame place parade route
sesame place parade at night

You certainly don’t have to stay for the parade every night. But one night, make sure to capture a glimpse… Your kids’ faces will light up looking at their favorite characters dancing, twirling and having a good time. Secure a nice spot on the parade route at least 30 minutes early, along the edge of the side walk. I prefer the night time parade versus the day time one because no one has to worry about running from the hot sun.

Tip: A folded up jacket or raincoat makes a great seat for parade watching. 

10. Plan on Coming Back

Sesame street sign

There is lots to do and see at Sesame Place so plan on making a trip back. Children are small but for a fleeting moment, and then the next thing you know they are packing their things and moving out. So make those special travel memories with them now before their hormones start going crazy and places like Sesame Place are no longer cool.

If you live nearby, save money by investing in a Season Pass.  These are memories that you and your family will treasure forever.

*Bonus (Updated)


Sesame Place doesn’t allow most patrons to bring meals or even sandwiches. However they do allow packing of single serve snacks, sealed non-alcoholic beverages and will make concessions for those with food allergies. These grain free banana chocolate chip muffins are easy to pack especially if your family is gluten-free.

I also highly recommend that you pack some of these delicious and healthy snacks for your trip.

It terms of restaurants, there a couple food options at the park. If you’re looking for something healthier, Elmo’s Cafe has a limited amount of healthier items like apple sauce and a few salads.

Elmo’s cafe also has a gluten free pizza on the menu.

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Book your stay at one of the hotel partners:

Springhill Suites by Marriot Langhorne
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Don’t forget to buy some Sesame Street characters ahead of your trip and save.

Original October 29, 2014, updated in Summer 2017.

Character Tees

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  • avatar
    Judee @ Gluten Free A-Z Blog

    This is a very helpful post! Love your pics too.
    We live very close to the park and had season tickets when my kids were young. It’s a beautiful kid friendly place.

    • avatar

      That must have been so much fun Judee. Those are memories that your children will cherish forever.

  • avatar
    eileen @ FamiliesGo!

    I’ve also heard that it’s handy to find an inexpensive hotel room and stay overnight, so if the kids have excitement overload and melt down you have some wiggle room to leave and come back later or the next day.

    • avatar

      It totally is. That’s what we did. Holds true for any amusement park or attraction. Although in my opinion, all the hotels nearby were pretty affordable. We went back to the hotel for naptimes and sometimes just to have a break. It works out pretty well when your children are young.

  • avatar
    Mel Lockcuff (@MamaBuzz)

    I’ve always wanted to visit this park, especially when the kids were smaller. I think our youngest might still love it. Looks like so much fun! Loving Oscar the Grouch in his trash can, walking around. Thanks so much for sharing at Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in next week’s issue.

    • avatar

      Yes! I think he will. Thanks for the feature Mel.

  • avatar

    I was so thrilled to see this as I grew up near by and worked at Sesme Place (my first summer job) and look forward to taking my little one! It’s Langhorne though, not langhorn (sic).

    • avatar

      Thanks for reading Erin. Glad that the post brought back such fond memories.

  • avatar

    Are any of the shows inside? We are going Tuesday for my daughters 3rd Birthday, but it’s supposed to rain in the afternoon. We plan on using the rainy day guarantee, but was hoping if it started raining we could still catch a show before having to leave.

    • avatar

      Stacey, it rained a whole lot during our visit. The great thing is besides the sunny day guarantee, there are a few indoor shows as well, all though they may be limited…namely Elmo the Musical and another Rock and Roll show. The outdoor shows have covered canopies for the audience. The problem is if the lines are long then you have to stand in the rain. Bring your own ponchos because although Sesame Place does sell some, I found them to be a bit expensive. Use your weather app to make the most of your day. Starting earlier so you can get more fun packed in. Enjoy!

  • avatar
    Sara McHale

    I love everything you wrote here, but I especially appreciate knowing that the monsters show up unannounced on Sesame Street. I will be sure to look for them there and have my camera and autograph book ready.

    • avatar

      Awesome! So glad you found the list helpful Sara. Enjoy.

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