Grabbing Some “Me Time” with Hershey Chocolate

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So things are busy at my house. I’m sure that they are at your house too. Lots of approaching deadlines, two home businesses, travel and of course the holidays are indeed here. I entertained last weekend but, as far as for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year I think I’ll just make it a quiet holiday at home.

hershey chocolate me time

Last year our new baby  wasn’t old enough to get excited about the tree and reach and grab the ornaments but now at 16 months, boy is he ready. Not too mention, 3 days after Christmas baby girl is turning five and 2 days after that is my hubby’s birthday. Can you say breathe?

Safeway Grocery Store

It’s when things start to get crazy around here that I have to be extra mindful to take a breather  and STEAL some me time. Nothing says me time for me like a glossy magazine and some chocolate. This time I grabbed a Hershey king size chocolate bar (of course with almonds), from Safeway and a PEOPLE® magazine.

hershey chocolate & PEOPLE magazine 600x400


This type of indulgent behavior goes well with a visit to the hair salon to let my hair stylist work her magic on my tresses. But this time, I am stealing away to our sunroom to let the sun rays penetrate  my skin. I’ve already washed and roller set my hair and if the kids let me, I’m going  under this hooded dryer for a very long time. I just have to be sure to not let the heat from the hair dryer melt my delicious chocolate.

hershey chocolate and people magazine 3

OK, so they didn’t let me.

But, I did get to savor my chocolate solo and Matthew McConaughey is on the cover of People. Hello! And those curls I was working on at my “at home” salon… they came out just fine.

Covergirl flamed out mascara

Save $1.00 when you purchase one PEOPLE® or Sunset magazine and one Reese’s®, Hershey’s® king size chocolate bar and steal away for some “me time” of your own. The digital coupon is available when you register for Just4U, from 11/21/14-12/19/14, while supplies last.

As far as Hershey’s chocolate goes, do you prefer your Hershey’s with or without almonds? You already know my preference. What’s yours?


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