Getting Ready for Back to School with Lakeshore Learning

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When most people think about getting ready for back to school, they think about backpacks, textbooks and trending back to school styles. But “back to school” also means getting kids back to well…school.  As parents we have the unique opportunity to shape our children’s perception of school and learning.

Learning should be interest driven, life long and fun! Lakeshore Learning recently sent us a few fun items just in time for our new homeschool year and the kids were so excited to “play”…I mean learn.

lakeshore learning alpha bots

My Sun Ray, is working on his ABC’s so Alpha-Bots was the right pick for him. Each of the 26 letters changes its alphabet shape into a robot.

lakeshore learning alpha bots4

He is motivated to learn each letter because we tell him that the robot will not appear until he says the correct name. It works like a charm.

lakeshore learning alpha bots 5

Rain Drop on the other hand, is now learning the value of money so the Allowance Game was the perfect fit. The game not only teaches about the value of money but, introduces entrepreneurship as well.

Every since cracking open the allowance game, I have a six year old that now insists on learning more about the value of a dollar. How could I say “no” to that? Learning through play is a gift.

She’s also excited about playing with her new Young Chemistry Lab. Actually, I’ve had to hide the kit to make sure that she doesn’t crack open the kit without me!

lakeshore learning young scientist chemistry lab

lakeshore learning young scientist chemistry lab1

This particular kit came with four experiments and even includes gloves and goggles too!
lakeshore learning young scientist chemistry lab2
As someone that grew up loving science myself, it’s such a joy watching my daughter getting icky and sticky while making homemade slime and learning too!

lakeshore learning young scientist chemistry lab3

I’m glad that Lakeshore Learning also sells refills for the Chemistry Kits as well. I can already tell that we are going to need another one soon.

How do you get your kids ready for back to school?

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