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10 Reasons to Travel with Your Kids Now

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Not everyone wants to travel with their kids. I get it. It’s expensive, it’s tiring and definitely a lot of hard work. I know some folks that have cringed at the idea of hopping on a plane with their children and, driving is not always an option. But, traveling with kids is full of rewards and the benefits go on and on. Now, I did quite a bit of traveling as a little girl but the trips that stand out most, are the ones where our whole family traveled together.

Reasons to travel with your kids

It wasn’t fancy. The four of us shared one room and bath. But we were together. On one occasion, we strolled down the streets of St. Martin and I begged my mom to buy me a friendship bracelet. It was blue and pink. We didn’t do a lot of shopping but it doesn’t matter. I don’t even know where the bracelet is today. But the memories of that vacation are etched in my brain, probably forever. That trip was almost 25 years ago.

If you are waiting for your children to get a bit older, just remember that time flies at lightening speed. Soon travel plans will conflict with clubs, tournaments, school activities, social calendars…other interests.

So if you were thinking about making some family travel plans, go ahead and take that trip before it’s too late. If you are still on the fence, here are 10 reasons that you should travel with your kids now.

1.Diversify Their Palate by Trying Local Foods
toddler tea party

2.Geography is More Fun
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3. Kids Under Two Fly Free (At least throughout the US and Mexico)mom and baby on beach

4.They Get to Do Lots of Cool Stuff
Abby Cadabby
5.Discovering Sand on the Beach is Better than any Sandbox

mom and baby on beach
6.It Makes for Great Family Bonding
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7.When they are Older They May not Want to Go

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8.Traveling with Kids is Lots of Fun
little girl at baseball game
9.Things Fade But Memories Can Last a Lifetime
girl in bubbles
10.The Gift of Time and Experience is the Best Gift You Can Ever Give Your Kids

mom and kids on beach


Do you travel with your children? Tell me about it.

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