Mom Style: Three Time Breast Cancer Survivor

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Today is October 1st, can you  believe it? That means that there are only 3 more months left before the end of the year. This month is also breast cancer awareness month. So in today’s Mom Style post, I’d like to do something a little different. Today, Keshema my dear friend is sharing her Mom Style about being a mom that also happens to be a three time breast cancer survivor. Read her Mom Style interview below.



Q: What’s one thing you wished someone had told you about this beautiful yet ever changing journey?

Being a new young mother in my mid thirties was new and exciting!  Motherhood does not come along with instructions, and cancer surely did not make any exceptions for me because I am a mom.  I wish that prior to my journey someone had told me to face reality head on and to be more transparent with my son.  I  hid many things from my two year old son at the time… like the fact I was losing my hair and the pain I was in.  The reality is, it did not matter to him. All he knew was that I was his mom and he loved me unconditionally.  I wish I knew at the time to embrace my journey and not worry what others might think including my son.  The funny thing is, he now talks about that time when mommy had no hair, I had no clue he knew!

Q: Who is your favorite TV mom?

When I thought about having a favorite TV mom, several women came to mind. Believe it or not my most recent favorite TV mom is Kim Kardashian. I have seen her recently interact with her daughter North on the hit reality hit show “The Kardashians”.  I admire how she makes no exceptions, despite her busy schedule to have and one on one time with baby North. Regardless of what one chooses to do in life or as their career, being a compassionate and loving mother is one attribute I admire and can clearly see it with Kim and baby North.

Q: How old is your son?

He is now six years old and a fabulous first grader! (*update: Keshema’s son is now 8 years old and rocking out in 3rd grade).

Q: What’s it’s like being a mom that also happens to be a breast cancer survivor? What should other mamas know?

I am sure many will agree being a mom is hard work.  Well being a mom as a survivor is extremely hard.  I can’t speak for everyone, but for me my energy levels are not the same. I have an extremely active and athletic son that will  play sports all day if he were allowed to.  I sometimes have to gear up myself to do things which use to be second nature for me.  It requires more planning and sometimes taking a rain check but, for the most part I continue to tell myself I can, even when I know I can’t.  Watching him grow and wanting to be there every step of the way is what keeps me going.  I always remind myself of how lucky I am. When I think of how hard others may have it, or those that did not have a chance to fight… I string up my shoes and head to the field for a game of soccer with my family.

Q: What is your favorite activity to do with your children? Why?

One of my favorite activities I enjoy doing with my son is reading books at bedtime.  Sometimes he is reading and I am snoring, but I know these are memories he will never forget!

Q: If your “Mom Style” was a song title, what would it be? (No, seriously I need a real song)

You are amazing just the way you are by Bruno Mars.

Q: I know that you are not a blogger but, do you have a favorite blog post that keeps you going?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: One Mother’s Personal Journey

Q: What’s your “Mom Style”? Cool & Calm, Spirited & Free, Savvy & Sophisticated or “Type A” All the Way

My mom style is cool and calm.

I do have high expectations and encourage thinking out of the box.  I always give a positive twist on things regardless of how bad it might look. I am a firm believer in being self proficient and continue to teach my son that anything is possible with hard work and prayer.

Q: As a mom, what do you know for sure? 

As a mom, I know that I can only do my best and pray about the rest. I know the love I have for my son is unconditional. I know that my test in life is now my testimony and that it can only make me a better mom.

Thank so much for stopping by and sharing your Mom Style Keshema. I have to say, I didn’t predict that answer about Kim and baby North. It’s been two years since you shared your story on The Domestic Life Stylist. So much has changed but one thing that hasn’t is God’s grace and mercy. What an amazing woman you are! I am proud to call you friend.

Update October 2016: Original post was published on October 1, 2014 and have been edited for content and noted updates.

In September 2015, Keshema was re-diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and is currently going through chemotherapy. She considers herself blessed because she is able to be a mom, wife and live life.

Living with stage four cancer means that the cancer has moved into Keshema’s organs and that she has resolved that she will be on medication for the rest of her life.

Keshema states:

“My name is Keshema Abramsen-Webbe. I am a lifer. Cancer sucks. BUT GOD!!!”

Keshema, you make us proud. You are a champion and I love you.

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    What a beautiful post, Lisa! And happy birthday, Keshema! I’m glad you’re doing well. I loved your line, “do your best and pray about the rest.” Amen to that! Best wishes!

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    Beautiful story Keshema. Thanks for sharing.

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    She is a Gem of lady….

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    Hey Keshema,

    That post brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy that you are doing well and enjoying the family life. I don’t know exactly what you are going through, but I have an idea. Well wishes to you and your family.

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    Beautiful story Keshema. Thanks for sharing, stay strong and all the best.

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    Keshema, what an amazing story..had no idea you were going through this…..please continue to stay strong as you are such an inspiration to many…..I will keep you in my prayers….. Wish you all the best!

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    Tyra U De Castro

    Keshema, you are an inspiration to all. I applaud you for your strength and high faith in GOD. I went thru something similar but not as severe. I am still consulting with my doctors because it could one day turn into breast cancer they explained. Additionally I am not a teary person but this did make my eyes well up with water.

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    Keshema, thank you for sharing your story. May God continue to bless you.

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    Lisa and Keshema, thanks so much for sharing this great story. Both of you have gone through so much in your lives and are remarkable, intelligent, well brought up young married women. I so glad that Keshema is so willing to share her story, so many persons can benefit from her medical challenges. I got her to share her story on WUVI last year for the St. Kitts Nevis Student Association’s Breast Cancer activity and my son told me about her presentation at ICMC. It also helps tremendously when you have a supportive husband and wonderful parents. I am so happy to know you from the time you were a toddler. May God continue to bless you with life.

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      Your spirit is always so supportive.

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    Shanica Grant

    Keshema thank you for sharing your story. You are an inspiration to me and many others. May God continue to bless you and your family.

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    Shelley Richardson (Hodge)

    Keshema you are a strong and courageous Mom. Keep doing what you are doing and the Lord will see you through the rest. You are a great inspiration to others going through any difficulty to keep the faith.

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    Hey Shema I had no idea what you’ve been through.Just to tell you that you are a strong and determined person.With family and love you will prosper. This story is an inspiration to all moms regardless of health, including me. lots of love and prayers.

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    Keshema, firstly, Happy Birthday!!! I love my Libras!! Secondly, thanks for sharing, I’ve always admired you. I will continue to pray for you sweetheart. God bless you & your family. Hugs & Kissss.

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    LOVE IT KESHEMA!! MAY God continue to bless you and your family!!

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    I’m so very proud of u Keshema,you are truly a survivor… You are definetly a beautiful person inside & out,but I always knew that.. God is good. Love you…

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    Keshema Webbe

    I am overwhelmed with all your comments, prayers and support. I am so grateful my story has touched many and continue to feel blessed to be here to tell it. Thank you to every one for listening, you made my day!!! Love you guys!!

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    Clare Swindlehurst (@SuperMommyClub)

    Thank you so much for sharing your story Keshema – you really are a Super Mom.

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    Katiria Rojas

    This is such a wonderful story about a wonderful, beautiful woman. I have know Keshema for a lil over 20 years (went to high school together) and she has ALWAYS been a fighter and a person you can look up to. May the almighty continue to watch over you. Love ya girl…

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    Wonderful interviews. I have to send this to a friend who I know will appreciate the struggle.

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    Natalie Pickering

    Thank you for sharing! You have powerful testimony, not only for moms fighting the dreadful disease but to all women. Never give up hope and most importantly never give up on God beause He promises that He will always be there! You are a woman of strength, compassion and determination that we all admire! Thanks again for sharing!

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    Keshema…what an amazing testimony, thank you so much for sharing. Your words have and will continue to inspire. God bless you ❤

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    Keshema…what an amazing testimony, thank you so much for sharing. Your words have and will continue to inspire all women. God bless you ❤

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    June Francis

    Such a beautiful lady she is great story..

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    Thank you for your transparency and strength. Praying for you!

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    Jewel C. Creque

    What a beautiful and amazing testimony!!! As I read it, the tears came to my eyes. Keshema is a truly amazing woman and I love her and her family dearly. She also is one of the strongest and bravest woman I know and I pray for her daily. Loving you and praying for you always Keshema!!! One Love!!!

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    M A Charles

    I recently came across this post as I was coming to grips with hearing of Keshema’s passing just a few weeks ago. I pray that ALL women would know her story and carry on her legacy. Even though it’s been sometime since her and I spoke, I know she was a beautiful p4erson and a great mother. I’m so happy to know that she was able to be a mom and had the courage to fight for so long. May her son ALWAYS have the wonderful memories of his mom! R.I.P.

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