Simple steps to set a holiday dinner table at home

How to Set a Holiday Table that is Unforgettable

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The Christmas holiday season is my favorite time of year. It’s a time for family, friends, food and fellowship. During such a special time, it’s nice to “glam” things up a bit at home and set the tone for the holidays. An easy way to do this is by setting the dining table especially for the holidays.

How to set a holiday table that is unforgettable

I mean, you could use a few plates, mats and flatware on the table like usual…but that is no fun at all.  It’s so easy to turn a dining table from everyday to holiday with just a few simple steps. Here are some ways to set a holiday table that is unforgettable. [Tweet “Turn your dining table from everyday to #holiday with just a few simple steps #decor”]


Flower vase on table

Flowers can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. They help to set the stage for the meal and for the event (the meal). Grocery store blooms are an option or you can step things up and order the flowers in any assortment of colors and varieties that you want. Oranges and deep yellows are great for the Thanksgiving holiday. Colors like red, plum and wine are great for the Christmas holiday. But the great news is, you are only limited by your creativity and your imagination.

Holiday Ornaments

Use trimmings from the tree such as ribbon and glass bulbs to add interest and pizzaz. The options are endless in terms of what you can do.

Cloth Napkins and Rings

holiday napkin

Cloth napkins are such a nuisance to wash and clean but they sure do add some class to a dinner table. Make sure to iron them well because wrinkles are not cute. Use napkin folds in addition to napkin rings to take your table from ordinary to extraordinary. By the way, none of these things have to cost a lot either. I got these napkin rings for .50 cents a piece at a post holiday sale a few years ago. The green shrubbery came from our hedges outside of our house. Fine living does not have to cost a fortune.

Personalized Note Cards

blue dinner plate with card

Placing holiday greeting cards at each table setting is a great place to write a welcome note to your guests, write the evening’s menu or even communicate the agenda for the evening.  And before you start complaining about how expensive that can be…I’ll just let you know that I recently paid .99 cents for a pack of 10.

Setting a holiday table does not have to be boring. It can be fun. It can be whimsical. It can be fabulous! Use these tips to set a holiday table that is truly unforgettable.

Oh and just in case you’re curious…here is a before and after picture of my table. Just goes to show you that a few small changes can make all the difference.

before and after holiday table

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    Anna Hettick

    For the first time ever (I think) I set our Thanksgiving Dinner table even though it was just us and my parents. Usually we set out the food buffet style and eat at the table (it’s small.) This time I set the table up all pretty first and it made the whole meal feel much more special. 🙂

    Great tips Lisa!! 🙂

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      That’ so special. I am glad that you got to do that. I believe that we should take out the special silverware, use breakable glasses and even set the table with flowers sometimes…even if we are just dining with our family. Maybe it can be for Sunday dinner or another day within the week.Why should our visitors be the ones to have all of the fun?

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