21 Healthy Snacks that You Can Feel Good About

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Time and time again, one of the common questions I get from people trying to live healthier is about what to eat, especially in between meals and during snack time. I actually know a women that has says that she eat’s healthy but, snacks “dirty”. That’s just sad because consistently snacking dirty is damaging.

There are lots of tasty options but, it just takes some investigating and taste testing to see which ones work best for you. Since grocery selections can be daunting, I put together a list of 21 healthy snacks to get you started on the right track. And don’t worry, you can purchase any of these items from the comfort of your home because they’re all available on Amazon.

21 best healthy snacks

    1. Coconut Chips Great on top of yogurt, applesauce.
    2. Bare Banana Chips These are dangerously good. Just one ingredient: bananas.
    3. Go Raw Sprouted Cookies
      I tasted these for the first time “ on Facebook
    4. Plantain Chips So much easier than making your own.
    5. Peas Snacks It’s hard to tell these tasty snacks are made from peas.
    6. Roasted Almonds A staple.
    7. Kale Chips You can also make kale chips yourselves. Just add the nacho seasoning at the end.
    8. Edamame Crackers I didn’t even know they made these. We love edamame.
    9. Crispy Crunchy Broccoli Florets Yes, crunchy broccoli. Try it.
    10. Apple Sauce Who doesn’t love apple sauce? You can also make slow cooked apple sauce which are just or good or even better.
    11. Cacao Goji Vegan, raw superfood. If you buy it online, Amazon Prime also has auto-delivery available which adds a 5% savings every month. Plus, there’s a free 30 day trial. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial
    12. Bare Apple ChipsAgain, just one ingredient: organic apples
    13. Late July Multi-Grain Tortilla Chips Just so you know, sweet potato chips combined with a tortilla chip is all sorts of awesome.
    14. Pumpkin Seeds Great source for protein “on the go”.
    15. Low Fat Mozzarella String Cheese There should be several brands to choose from at your local grocery store.
    16. SO Delicious Diary Free Coconut Milk Yogurt Alternative If you have any problems digesting diary products, this yogurt could be a good fit.
    17. Once Again Creamy Almond Butter
      This version is salt-free, sugar-free and has just one ingredients…almonds.
    18. Proscioutto Wrapped Dates Like everything else, enjoy in moderation. But, so good.
    19. Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate with a Touch of Sea Salt We all are familiar with the benefits of dark chocolate right? For all you fancy pants, Lindt has flavors like chili dark chocolate, mint. Just don’t eat the whole bar in one sitting. Two squares should do the trick.
    20. Smartfood White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn Don’t tell anyone but, I delight in this popcorn after the kids have gone to bed. Oh…and kids love them.
    21. Justin’s Nut Butter Natural Hazelnut Spread It doesn’t exactly taste like Nutella but, it’s not supposed too. You can taste real flavors like cacao and hazelnut inside the jar. Pair it with fruit like strawberries or tart granny smith apples. Or just dive in with a spoon.

Besides these snacks being tasty and healthy, most are quite portable making them easy to take along while running errands, during travel and kids love them too. Not only that but, most of these healthy snacks are available through Amazon, which makes keeping snacks on hand easy.

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Looking for more healthy snacks? Try these recipes:

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Original April 6, 2016. Updated April 2, 2019

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