Reason that real Christmas Trees are better and all the reasons to buy one

All the Reasons that You Should Buy a Real Christmas Tree & How to Care for It

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So, I am going to go out on a limb and make a declaration here. Real Christmas trees are the best things ever. Yes, they cost more money, are a hassle to clean up after and aren’t easy to transport. But, they are living and that’s part of what makes them special.

Reason that real Christmas Trees are better and all the reasons to buy one

Now if getting a real Christmas tree is not in your budget, I get that. Don’t go breaking the back at my expense.

But, if you’re still on the fence about whether to get a real or fake Christmas tree, hang out with me a second. I’m going to hash out all the reasons that real Christmas trees rock and obviously why you should get one.

They Smell Good

If you have gotten a real Christmas tree then you know what I’m talking about. The scent of the right tree just enlivens your home and is a beautiful sign of the holiday season. And no, you can’t get that same scent from aisle 9 at Target. It’s just not the same.

It’s a Great Excuse for a New Family Tradition

Every year, my family and I go out and pick the “perfect for us” Christmas tree. That is definitely our tradition. The kids look forward to bracing the chilly temperatures to help make the selection. Truth be told, I’m not sure what we will be doing once the kids are grown and gone. But these tree picking years are moments that I continue to treasure.

It Teaches Kids About Biology and Living Things

If your little people have never had the experience of a real tree then they won’t know where those trees come from. It’s similar to eating fresh fruits and vegetables. How is someone supposed to know that fruits and vegetables come from the earth if, they’ve never seen it for themselves and/or have only eaten produce from a can. Buy a real Christmas tree once and it’s something that your family will look forward to every year.

No Off Gassing

Artificial trees especially older ones are brimming with chemicals like PVC plastics that release dioxins over time. Last time I checked, dioxin was a toxic chemical linked with everything from skin rashes to cancer. It’s just not as healthy.

Buying from Local Tree Farms Supports American Businesses

Most artificial trees in the US (about 85% of them) come from China. On the other hand, buying a real Christmas tree supporters American tree farms and as a result American families.

No Storage No Problem

Since real Christmas trees get replaced every year, there is no need to find room for storage of that tree.

It’s Better for the Environment

After being discarded, fake Christmas trees can stay in the landfill indefinitely. Living trees on the latter, can be recycled back just like crops can. Now that’s something to think about.

Now that you know all the reasons that you should buy a real Christmas tree. Here are some things that you need to do to take care of it.

  • Have the base of the tree cut before you bring it home. That way, the real Christmas tree will be able to absorb water.
  • Use Prolong to help the Christmas tree leaves stay on the tree longer. Prolong can also be used on fresh cut flowers too!
  • Water the tree everyday. Watering your new Christmas tree everyday will limit loss of leaves, which in turn will make clean up easy. A dry tree is a messy tree as well as a fire hazard. Speaking of messy, I’ve found that Santa’s Magic Water Spout makes watering my Christmas tree really easy.
  • Once Christmas is over, make clean up a breeze with these Christmas Tree Removal Bags. Things can get messy during tree removal and these bags make the process so much easier.So are you ready to jump in? “Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree. Such pleasure do you bring me”!

    Note: If You’re an Allergy Sufferer

    If you or someone in your family suffer from tree allergies or you don’t like the smell of pine, try these tips:

  • Stick with a Nordman Fir tree. They are excellent for allergy sufferers because of their lack of fragrance.
  • Before you bring the live Christmas tree in the house, rinse it well and allow it to sit in the sun for a minimum of 24 hours. (This will help remove any mold spores.
  • Run an air purifier in your living area, near the tree. This one is my favorite, we bought two because they work so well.

    Are you team living tree or faux tree? Let me know in the comments.

Original 12/4/17 Updated: 11/2019

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