Gut Healthy Recipes to Boost Your Immunity

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Immunity. It’s one of those subjects that teachers really should have spent more time on in health class. In fact, I’ve noticed that most adults actually don’t know much about immunity or what makes it better or worse. While this post is not all encompassing, it’ll give you a head start on some of the best gut healthy foods to boost immunity.

When it comes to health, the gastrointestinal tract or gut, is one of the most important parts of health and well-being. That’s because 70-80% of immunity is in the gut. Ultimately a healthy digestive system means a happier and healthier you. That’s because there are more bacterial cells than human cells in the human body and most of those bacterial cells are located…IN THE GUT.

So what we eat and how we nourish those bacteria is super important and has the propensity to change how we look, think, act and feel. As a wellness expert, I try to simplify the road to health and well-being. I know it’s not easy, but it sure is worth it. So it you’re ready to get a jump start on your health, these gut healthy recipes are a great place to start.

Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are one of those miracle foods that’s almost too good to be true. The seeds are small and mighty. But those small and mighty seeds contain a whopping 11 grams of fiber per ounce. That’s more protein than beans! Upon adding liquid, chia seeds form a sort of gel which makes a tasty and filling pudding that’s so satisfying.

Chia pudding is great as an on the go breakfast idea and is a perfect superfood for boosting immunity.

Here’s where can buy chia seeds for your chia pudding.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is one of those elixers that I wish that everyone knew about. Marrow bones, joints and tendons may not sound appetizing, but they sure do work magic on the gut and on wrinkles too. Just make sure to add some acid like apple cider vinegar to your bone broth at home to get the good stuff out.

Making bone broth at home is pretty simple, but you can buy bone broth online or at the store too.

This brand of bone broth gets good reviews on Amazon every single time.


I don’t say this a lot but this applesauce will change your life. At this point, I’ve shared the applesauce many times so I know that I’m not just stuck in my head. Slow cooking apples this way helps to bring out the natural gut healing pectin in the apples that is beneficial to health.

Since pectin is a type of fiber, it works to satiate the appetite too.

The best part is, the applesauce contains no sugar.

Caribbean Ginger Beer

When it comes to gut health, ginger works overtime to keep the gut healthy. Not only does ginger act as a prebiotic to provide food for bacteria in the gut but, ginger works to combat upset stomach, nausea, bloating and gas.

Sip on homemade Caribbean ginger beer to soothe stomach issues, decrease inflammation and keep the gut healthy.

Are you ready to try these recipes? Don’t forget to check out my recent accompanying TV segment as well.

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