Where to Buy Organic Foods ( and What to Buy)

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Visiting an Organic Market in Denver a While Back

First off let me say that I did not always eat organically or semi-organically in my case. I did not grow up this way. Well with the exception of maybe the fruit trees in both my parents and neighbors’ yard in my childhood island home anyway). My chemistry teacher once said that “there is too much fuss about organic food because anything that has a carbon backbone is organic”. Actually, I still do not solely buy organic foods. At this point in my life, buying 100% organically grown is just not within my budget.

But every since I had my daughter two years ago, I am so much more conscious of every bite that goes into her mouth and by default mine as well, as kids are more sensitive to pesticides. At some point last year, I was making our regular fresh blended juiice and noticed a film floating at the top. I had washed all of the produce thoroughly and was certainly surprised by this. I later discovered that it was the waxy residue left over from the apples that I had purchased.

Needless to say, 90-95% of the apples that we now eat are organically grown. When I shop for my family, I also try to make sure that at least these foods are organic:




Basically, if you are going to eat the skin, you should try to buy the organic variety.

Organically Raised:

Eggs (if I have a good coupon, just being transparent here)



Chicken ( trying to be more consistent with this one)

Beef (once bought an organic prime rib cut, hopefully more to come)

I hardly ever buy the organic varieties of:




There is no need since I am peeling the skin off of the fruit before eating. The pesticides are in the skin.

Organic foods are not as “out of reach” as they may seem to be. You can even find organic foods at your local grocery store.

Here is a list of resources that you can use to not only find organic foods in your neighborhood but some websites even tell you what to buy when:

http://www.epicurious.com/ (Seasonal & local produce guide, along with recipes)

http://www.fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org/ (Reveals what is in season and when)

http://www.simplesteps.org/ (This is a great source that tells you which farmer’s markets are in your area. There is also an app for that.)

Are you and your family eating or buying organic foods? What about an organic spring garden? Tell me about it!

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