Summer Hair Styles that Rock!

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You’ve noticed haven’t you? I tried to pretend like everything was the same but something has changed about my “hair”.

wash and go natural hair
What a difference a year makes.

natural hair diary

I waved goodbye to relaxed tresses and said hello to naturally me. As for now, this is working for me and when it doesn’t, I’ll probably switch things up again like I always do.

Speaking of switching things up, Beautiful Textures sent me some goodies recently that will help make summer hair styling carefree.

The Rapid Repair, Moisture Butter and the Curl Defining Mousse have already gotten acquainted with my hair. Rapid Repair helps control any hair damage and adds elasticity and bounce. Less damage means that coils, curls and kinks can reach their full healthy potential.

beautiful textures moisture butter

Of course, I jumped right in and used the Rapid Repair on my freshly washed coif.

moisture butter beautiful textures

My hair is thirsty, so it drank it right up. After leaving the Rapid Repair on to do it’s work, I rinsed my strands and followed up by applying the Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter. Saturday errands and two engergetic children, meant that this style was a wash and go.

wsah and go with beautiful textures

Well, I did use a diffuser for a few minutes but nothing much really.

wash and go with beautiful textures

My hair was just wild and free. Yes, I was channeling my inner Lenny Kravitz but, summer hair is supposed to be fun isn’t it?

wash and go 950x400

I’ve heard that blonds have more fun and I think that stylish mamas with “big” hair do too.

beautiful textrues afro on natural hair

Well, at least I did. Beautiful Texture’s Curl Defining Mouse was a great match for my little “Rain drop”.

4c hair collage

The mousse definitely kept her kinky curls in check.

The next day called for a different look so, I reached the the Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter again.

2 strand twists beautiful textures

My favorite summer style is really the two strand twist. It’s just so versatile.

2 strand twist

I can pin it up, let it out or put in a pony tail…it’s just so easy and so much fun. Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter left my twists bouncy, shiny and carefree…just like they’re supposed to be.

2 strand twist on natural hair

Can’t you tell I was having fun?

nature hair twists

Now all I have to do now, is get someone else to comb my hair for me next time. Mama needs a break.

Now that you know my hair story visit Beautiful Textures to share your own and rock that summer hair.

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