picture of mom of adopted children

Mom Style: Mom of Adopted Children

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It’s my absolute pleasure to bring you another great interview in our Mom Style series. Have you been following along? Today, Emily from Hey Emily Thomas, is chatting about what it’s like to be a mom of adopted children. I love Emily’s authenticity and her heart is just huge. Read Emily’s Mom Style interview below.

picture of mom of adopted children

Q: What’s one thing you wished someone had told you about this beautiful yet ever changing  journey?

To calm right on down! I love being in a hurry about all the things and there’s just no need. I was in a hurry to get kids and now that I have them, I’ve found new reasons to hurry. I’ve been a mom now for 4 years and it has completely flown by. There is no need to hurry. I only need to savor the moments.

Q: Who is your favorite TV mom?

Lucy (I love Lucy). She was a mess and just kinda went with it. That sums up my everyday.

Q: How old are your children?

6 and 2

Q: What’s it like being a mom of four? What should other mamas know?

I would like to add that the unknowns of adopting are not any more than the unknowns of birthing biological children. They are a different set of unknowns and that can seem unmanageable or overwhelming. I would encourage people considering adoption to not let fear of what might happen hold them back. What might happen is that you fall in love.

Q: What is your favorite activity to do with your children? Why?

We do lots of reading at this point. Everyone loves all the snuggling that happens around our library books.

Q: If your “Mom Style” was a song title, what would it be? (No, seriously I need a real song)

I like to sing, “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone” to my kids when I leave the house without them. None of them have ever said they are sad when I’m gone, I just like to think they can’t make it without me. 🙂

Q: Which blog post are you are most proud of.

An Open Letter to Cool Moms

Q: What’s your “Mom Style”? Cool & Calm, Spirited & Free, Savvy & Sophisticated or “Type A” All the Way

Type A all the Way

Q: As a mom, what do you know for sure?

I know God had a wonderful plan when He chose the children He wanted in our family.

It’s no surprise to me, that Emily chose I Love Lucy as a favorite TV mom. That girl is funny! I hope you’ll stop by her blog and check her out. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your Mom Style on The Domestic Life Stylist, Emily.

What’s your Mom Style?

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