How to Add a Creative Spin to Summer Foods

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How to add a easy but creative spin to summer foods

Here’s Melissa’s question about summer cooking.

I love summer foods. BBQ, potato salad, frozen drinks, melons…the whole deal! I want to change things up though. What are some ways that I can add a delicious spin to the foods that we have come to love every summer? 

Summer is a delicious time of year isn’t it? Then again, I would probably say the same thing about fall, spring and winter too. Here are some easy and tasty ways to switch things up in the kitchen and add a little something extra to your summer favorites.


Summertime means firing up the grill. Impart a unique flavor to your favorite meats by using different types of wood chips to flavor the smoke. Wood chips like hickory, apple wood and mesquite can be found… Read more


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