Make Exercise a Normal Part of Your Routine

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How do you make exercise a part of your normal routine? Here are some tips from my online column “Ask the Domestic Life Stylist on 5 Minutes for Mom. It all started with this one question from an anonymous reader.

Woman exercise

How do I increase the likelihood of being consistent with my exercise routine? I feel like I’ve tried to squeeze it in, in every way possible but am still failing miserably. 

The struggle to maintain an active lifestyle that includes exercise is real. Long days are filled with work, kids, relationships and tend to feel packed enough as it is.  But part of the problem is trying to squeeze exercise in versus making exercise a priority.

Starting the day without brushing one’s teeth is not an option. Skipping a child’s doctors appointment is unheard of.  Catching a glimpse of a favorite TV show is often a nightly treat. But for some reason, making time for working out is placed at the bottom of the priority list time and time again. So the problem is not really that we don’t have the time… read more


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