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You know what I dread? Sorting and organizing clothing that the kids have outgrown. I mean, the little things pile up really quickly don’t they? The easiest thing is to put them into three categories: keep, donate and sell. But where do you sell the clothing?


Thred Up Cover PhotoThere are local consignment shops and online storefronts but those options require a bit of effort. Either you have to hop in your car and drive to a consignment shop or you have to be e-marketing savvy to make a quick buck.

Then there are garage sales…one word…patience.

That’s why I like ThredUP. ThredUP is an online consignment shop that buys and sells woman’s and children’s clothing. They make it super easy and take maternity clothing too!  If you are thinking that you have been there, done that…you probably haven’t.

ThredUp is Like Brand New

gap baby shoes

ThredUP buys “like new” brand name clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories and sells them in their online store. The clothing must be freshly laundered and free of wear or tears. If you are just trying to clean out your closets then this may not be for you.

But, if your clothing is “on trend” , brand name and needs a new home, ThredUP may be what you’ve been looking for. Look in the above picture at that cute zebra print hat. I’ll come back to that hat in a minute.

 Easy As 1,2,3…4

1. Order a Bag

Just order a free clean out bag and fill it up with “like new” items. You can even use ThredUP’s clothing calculator to estimate your payout in advance.

Let’s pause and look at the bag for a minute…go ahead I’ll wait. The free bag is huge!

big thred up bag

I’m 5’5″ and just look how long the bag is in comparison to me.

2. Fill the bag with clothes…


Thred up bag

Then, schedule a pick up with your USPS carrier from the convenience of your home or drop off the self-addressed ThredUp bag at one of many convenient FedEX locations. Remember, that it’s free.

thred up in mail box

ThredUp will then email you once they have received your bag and processed the payout.

Cash Out or Cash In

3. Choose Payment

Next you can choose to apply your payout to a future purchase via store credit or cash out using PayPal.

I decided that I’m going to cash in because with all this summer travel coming up and a few events to attend, both the kids and I could use some summer wardrobe refreshers.

girls plaid shorts

So, I started looking through the “girls” clothing section and was tickled to see my princess’ hat in one of the photos.

zebra print hat

Remember ThredUp only buys name brand clothing and not every brand suits the bill. So, check their website to see what brands they love and which one’s they don’t. But, using the ThredUp calculator makes things pretty easy.

Of course, I couldn’t leave baby boy out. Good thing we just hit the mark since my son is now wearing size 12 months now and ThredUp doesn’t take clothing under that size threshold. Wait…did I just type that? I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by.

plaid boys vest

I am going particularly going crazy over this cute vest right now.

plaid vest2

And for me…every mamacita needs a cute black dress.

black dress

Loving these two cuties on the top. Tribal prints and the sage green are calling my name.

spring dresses


I think that this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


4. Let them handle the rest

By the way, ThredUP donates any items that they don’t accept to one of their charitable partners.

Online consignment, plus online shopping, added with fashionable clothing makes one happy mama.

Order, your own ThredUP bag and try it for yourself.

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