Best Healthy Habits to Start Before the New Year

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It’s time. It’s time to jumpstart the New Year with healthy habits that are bound to get your year off to a positive start. But before you start making plans for 2016, remember that there’s no better time than the present. Ultimately, adopting healthy habits in the New Year means that you have to start practicing today.

BEST Healthy Habits

Right now.

Where ever you are.

Think about it. You could start now and be over a week ahead into your new goals or you could wait until January 1st. One study suggests that only 8% of people that make New Year’s resolutions actually follow through with those goals.

Sucks doesn’t it? Actually, waiting to adopt healthy habits can also lead to lost money, time, relationships and so much more. So don’t wait. Here are 10 healthy habits to start before 2016 that will start your New Year off right.

Add Weights to Your Workouts

You already know that you should be exercising right? Well don’t skip the weights during your next sweat session. Not only are muscles sleek and oh so sexy but, more muscle means more calorie burning power.

Eat More Home Cooked Meals

It’s a matter of planning, shopping and then executing. More home cooked meals mean you control the calories and end up spending less money too. For more tips on preparing your own meals at home, read:

5 Simple Ways to Simplify What’s for Dinner.

Date Nights

Don’t let the words “date night” scare you. Whether you and your “sweet thang” go out during the day or night, the point is that you get that quality one and one time in. By the way, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married. Date nights are an excuse to get dressed up.

Incorporate No Tech Mealtimes

It’s amazing how many kids can’t sit through a church sermon without whipping out their LeapFrog . Set the tone in your home by implementing “no tech mealtimes”.

By the way, all that “no phone at the dinner table stuff”, applies to you too.

Say “No” to Negativity

I’m not sure about you but I am absolutely allergic to negativity. ALLERGIC! Now, may be the time to cut ties with that friend that never has anything positive to say or time to ditch the walking group where every morning starts with a gossip fest.

It’s just not worth your time, your energy and ultimately your health.

Date Your Kid

Children want to be seen. They want to heard. They want to be loved. Ultimately, how you show your love to each child is going to be different based on their personalities and who they uniquely are. It may be not be every week. It may not even be every month. But every once in a while, take your child out by themselves and just shamelessly love on them.

Just that small gesture will pay huge dividends when you least expect it.

Ditch Sugary Drinks

Limit sodas, juices, that morning frappuccino and even energy drinks because they are loaded with lots of sugar. Don’t believe it? A 16oz Cinnamon Roll Frappuccinos from Starbucks has a whopping 85 grams of sugar. That’s 4 times over the recommended limit in one drink!

While you’re probably not OD’ing on frappuccinos, be aware of added sugar from unwanted sources. Every little bit adds up and can have a huge impact on your health. Diabetes is one thing but did you know that sugar is a leading cause of inflammation in the body? Besides, avoiding hidden sugar in places like that morning cup of java will leave room for a worthy splurge later on.

So what do you think? Are you ready to start 2016 with a bang? If you are, the time to start those healthy eating habits is now.

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    Awesome ideas! Can I link you up and feature you on my #MotivatingMonday Link-up? Thanks!

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      Certainly! Happy New Year to you.

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