Getting Naked for Breakfast at Naked Cafe in Carlsbad

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No. I don’t strip down to my birthday suit.  I did however have quite the breakfast at Naked Cafe in Carlsbad, California earlier this summer. I really have a better idea of why people love Carlsbad so much. I mean, this beach town has Legoland and the food is just crazy good.

If you are looking for the same old bacon and eggs, then this may not be the spot for you.

breakfast food at Naked Cafe 900x600

But, if you are on the hunt for huevos rancheros, soy chorizo/avocado/egg white burritos and tree hugger pancakes (coconut and mango), then this is it.  For some reason almost every thing we ordered that day came with red beans and was meat free which was no problem for me. Even the chorizo was soy chorizo.  Sometimes you have to change things up a bit. We also ordered some pancakes that didn’t exactly knock my socks off so they’re not pictured.

Anyway, Naked Cafe serves both breakfast and lunch so breakfast it was. The idea behind Naked Cafe’s menu is that the food is well…Naked. I did spot some chicken and even beef on the lunch menu though although not much. This spot is definitely a veggie and tofu lover’s paradise.

huevos rancheros2 900x600

Real unadulterated food. The way it’s supposed to be. Besides the huevos rancheros, we noshed on coconut french toast, rising sun burritos (scrambled eggs, cheese, scallions and tomatoes) and red lotus (Roma tomatoes, garlic, fresh spinach and scrambled egg whites).

scrambled eggs whites at Lotus Cafe 900x600

coconut banana french toast 900x600

And apparently, the food was so tasty that a certain five year old had the “giggles” the whole time.

girl laughing at breakfast 900x600

Oh and at least for me, at the end of the meal,  I didn’t have that uncomfortable “stuffed” feeling. I felt full but not stuffed.

egg white burrito at naked cafe 900x600

I think that just goes to show that not all food is created equally.

soy chai latte naked cafe 900x600

Washed it all down with a soy chai lattè. So if you’re in Carlsbad, this may be the only place where you can “get Naked” for breakfast and people won’t talk about you after.

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