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How to Plan a Dora Cooking Birthday Party (in 48 hours)

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We had the honor of celebrating my daughter’s 5th birthday a few weeks ago, just three days after Christmas. When she was born nearly two months early, I promised myself that I wouldn’t be be one of those parents that said “Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday all in one. That’s definitely doesn’t mean having birthday parties every single year, but it does mean taking the time to make things extra special…even though her birthday is just 2 days before her dad’s as well.

Dora cooking taco birthday party

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So the day after Christmas, I made plans to host a Dora cooking birthday party. Yes, a mere two days before the event. But honestly, planning was easy and relatively fuss-free. Here’s how to plan a Dora the Explorer Cooking Part in less than 48 hours with no fuss.

Invite Guests

If I had more time, I  may have taken the time to send fancy e-invitations from Punchbowl. But, with the limited time line, I just invited a few friends via phone call from our daughter’s class. That actually worked great for us because we kept the event in our home and wanted to keep the gathering intimate.

Order the Cake

Dora birthday cupcakes

Two days was just enough time to put in a customized cake order from Wegmans. Since my daughter wanted cupcakes we opted for a Dora the Explorer cupcake birthday cake. A cupcake cake allowed us the convenience of having a flat surface to include whatever design we wanted to put on the cake yet, still allowed each party-goer to enjoy the convenience and fun of eating a cupcake.

Party Favors

taco making at home

Planning a last-minute party, has it’s drawbacks. I did pay a bit more than I intended to on the kid’s kitchen apron’s that also acted as party favors. If you plan to host your own cooking birthday party for your child, opt for this pack of seven sold for just $9.99.

Other party favors for our Dora cooking birthday party included fun sombreos and little shakers. Both of these items can be purchased from any craft store. I got our favors from Party City, along with these brightly colored baskets that the tortilla chips were in.

dora the explorer cooking party


taco toppings and selections

How can we talk about hosting a cooking party without talking about the food? Since Dora the Explorer is from Mexico, homemade tacos were a perfect fit. I prepped taco toppings like olives, shredded cheese, broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, pineapple and salsa ahead to save  time during the party.

The girls helped me season and cook the ground beef and chicken and they got to choose what type of taco they wanted after.

birthday cooking party
It really didn’t take that long to cook at all. Once the tacos were ready, the little ladies enjoyed picking what toppings to use to customize their tacos and they were so excited.

kids taco party making

I don’t know about you but, taco making at my place can get really messy. I purchased these napkin holders and used then an impromptu taco stands.

homemade taco stands

They were just perfect for keeping the tacos from falling over while we got them loaded up just the way we liked.

tacos in taco stand

Tortilla chips were served by the basket fulls to the glee of four and five year olds in attendence.
tortilla chips in yellow baskets

To drink, we served up virgin piña coladas in these adorable pink glasses because no Mexican fiesta would be complete without it.

pink magarita glasses

The girls got a kick out of drinking the beverages out of large pink “glasses”.


To take the Dora the Explorer cooking party up a notch, each guest was welcomed to the fiesta in Spanish while we blasted the Dora the Explorer Party Favorites from a computer nearby on iTunes. We sang Happy Birthday in both English and Spanish and even played “Pin the Tail on the Swiper”.

pin the tail on the swiper game

Now how’s that for a Mexican fiesta? Fèliz compleaños to my first baby. I hope she remembers this at least until the next birthday rolls around.

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    April J Harris (@apriljharris)

    Looks like a really fun party! It’s wonderful to get kids involved in something like making tacos. The glasses are so pretty too! Thank you for sharing these great ideas with us at the Hearth and Soul hop. Pinned and will tweet 🙂

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    They truly had fun. And the glasses with those virgin homemade pina coladas really help set it off.

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