31 Things to Do on a Snow Day

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Is an impending snowstorm or snowday coming your way? Don’t worry. This list will give you lots to do so that you’re not bored to tears once it hits. Here are 31 things to do during a snowstorm.

  1. Organize your closet.
  2. Bake cookies.
  3. Chocolate Coco Chocolate Chip Cookies

  4. Polish your nails.
  5. Have a tea party.
  6. Watch movies.
  7. Frozen is a fun family movie that everyone will enjoy.

  8. Make some popcorn to go along with your movie.
  9. Build a Snowman.
  10. Clean Your Inbox.
  11. How many emails do you have in your inbox? Never mind. I’ve got some cleaning up to do too.

  12. Do something fun with your photos.
  13. Don’t just let them collect dust on your computer or phone. Photo books and calendars are a fun way to display treasured family photos.

  14. Organize the kids’ toys.
  15. Put toys in a toss, keep or donate pile. The ones you plan to keep, develop a system to organize them like this one.

  16. Make snow ice cream.
  17. Go sledding.
  18. Finish or start the book you’ve always been meaning to read.
  19. Start writing the book that you’ve always been meaning to write.
  20. Make a snow day playlist.
  21. Use leftover crayons to make colorful snowflakes.
  22. Make a satisfying bowl of carrot ginger soup.
  23. creamy carrot ginger soup
    Roasted Carrot Ginger Soup

  24. Let the kids take a fun bubble bath.
  25. Make chicken soup.
  26. Make s’mores.
  27. Play old school board games.
  28. Watch old family videos.
  29. Take pretty snow day pictures.
  30. Find someone new to follow on Instagram
  31. Check and delete old voice mails.
  32. Have a good old fashioned phone call with a friend or your mom.
  33. Make hot chocolate.
  34. Clean and organize your pantry.
  35. Sleep.
  36. Catch up on DVR’d and Netflix shows.
  37. Make a big breakfast.
  38. homemade chocolate chip pancakesUse this gluten free flour to make the pancakes gluten free.

    Originally published March 17, 2017.

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