top blog posts of 2014

Top 10 Read Blog Posts of 2014

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Another year is coming to a close. As far as this little space and community, “The Domestic Life Stylist” goes, I would say that it was grand!

top blog posts of 2014

This year I finally stopped conceptualizing and started creating. Namely two series I had been thinking about for a long time:

Mom Style

Mom Style took a peak into the lives of moms and got a glimpse of what mothering is like for them.


Grocery Sales Cycles

The grocery sales cycle series shared sales trends and cycles that I’ve noticed at the grocery store. Of course, my hope is that by implementing the strategies of using grocery sales cycles, that shoppers will be able to make more informed decisions at the grocery store.

In 2014 there was growth, and with that growth there were some challenges. But, I am continuously thankful that thousands of readers visit The Domestic Life Stylist every month to join my vision to “Live Life at Home with Finesse and Style“. Here’s the top picks of what you’ve been reading.

Top 10 Read Blog Posts of 2014 on The Domestic Life Stylist


How to Organize Toy Clutter in Your Home .

With Christmas not too far away, this is a great post to get some organizing inspiration on how to get those toys under control now before things get overwhelming.


The Ultimate Guide to Traveling While Pregnant

If you are thinking about tackling the “friendly” skies while pregnant, then you should definitely read this post first.


Welcome Home Kit

This is such a great way to welcome new neighbors. Not only that, it’s easy to put together and doesn’t cost much at all.


10 Beach Songs that Should be on Your Playlist

Everyone should have a great beach playlist. At least that’s what I say. I’m glad that people like this one as much as I do. It will seriously put you in a “beachy” mood once you put it on. Try it.


How to Make the Ultimate Coupon Organizer

I don’t use coupons nearly as much as I used to but, this coupon organizer will help you keep things in order. What good is it to have coupons if you can’t find them?


Curried Chicken Salad

This recipe for curried chicken salad will have you smacking your lips.


5 Tips to Maximize Your Stay at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas

It’s unbelievable just how popular this post is. It has already been pinned over 300 times!


The Ritz London Afternoon Tea- Plan a Fancy Tea Party this Spring

If you are thinking about planning a tea party then you should read this first. Sitting for high tea in London is an institution.


9 Natural Cold Remedies that Really Work

Whether you are pregnant or just keen on trying natural remedies and alternatives, this is a great place to start.


How to Survive Hospital Bed Rest Like a Pro

The top read post of 2014 was actually written 2 years ago, based on my experience as a first time pregnant mom. The little lady that came into the world, with so much energy that she couldn’t even wait until her due date, is making five this month. It’s so refreshing to see that this post continues to bless so many people.

Did your favorite blog post make the list? If not, which was your favorite.

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