Self Love Self Care for Parents: When Your Kids Learn From Home

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The back to school season is one of the busiest times of year. And when your kids learn from home, it amplifies the intensity of an already stressful situation that much more. Read on for helpful self love self care tips that will bring some calm to the chaos when your kids learn from home.

I can’t believe it but, somehow I’m going into my sixth year as a homeschool mom. Time is surely flying by. However, this school year, something is a little different. Blame COVID, but there are more kids learning from home than ever before. Whether it is hybrid learning, distance learning or official homeschooling, this year, more and more caretakers know what it’s like to be home with their kids all day.

Many parents are now working, running businesses and navigating life happenings right besides kindergarten class and common core math. And let me tell you, it is not easy.

As the workload on parents during back to school increases, self care regimens often put into place during a comparatively calm summer schedule start to wane. Stress creeps in, and before you know it, you’re yelling at your kid for accidently dropping porridge on the floor during breakfast. Soon enough, you’re on a “crazy cycle” and everyone is screaming to get off the ride.

While I can’t prevent the mound of food that unceremoniously makes it way to your floors during breakfast, these self care self love tips will put more calm in the midst of chaos especially when your kids learn from home.

Take Mental Breaks

Even though you love your kids, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. Taking quick 10-minute breaks during the day can help parents recharge and reset. If you’re kids are older, you may even be able to get 30 minutes in while they’re occupied in an online class or finishing up a worksheet.

Use that time to color (using an adult coloring book), take a rejuvenating shower or grab a health snack. By the way, don’t forget that kids needs mental breaks too.

Get this Stress Free Complex

If you’re looking for a natural alternative to bring some calm to your school days, RidgeCrests’ Anxiety Free Stress Relief Complex is one of the ways to do it. It naturally supports the body during periods of stress and anxiety. Personally, I’m happy to have a more calm and well-being in my corner when school is in session.

You can buy it on Amazon or check out the RidgeCrest website to learn more.

Schedule None School/Learning Things

Apple picking

OK. I can already see you rolling your eyes on this one. But seriously, it’s because learning from home is so stressful both you and the kids need an outlet that has NOTHING to do with school.

If you’re reading this during the pandemic, you may have to get a little more creative. But movie nights, and seasonal outings give everyone something to look forward to and is a breathe of fresh air.

Facial Fridays

Friday facials are something I started implementing a year ago when I realized that I wasn’t taking care of my face like I needed too. Get your favorite spa and facial products and out them in a basket. Don’t find time but, make time to make this a self care practice every Friday or whatever day works for you once a week. I talked more about Facial Fridays in my e-video series Mom Prescribed that you can watch here.

Eat Healthfully

The rigid structure of back to school brings with it stress eating. Unfortunately, the foods typically consumed during stressful times are neither high energy or mood boosting.

Consuming calorie laden, fat hidden, sugary food is a detrimental force to both mind and body. These substances steal natural vitamins and nutrients that are vital.

Stick to fresh organic fruits and vegetables and low sugar food whenever you can.

Keep an Eye on Things

When it comes to self care for parents, we really have to keep an eye on it… especially when your kids are schooling from home. That means monitoring their internet usage, zoom calls and also making sure that parents are taking care of their eyes.

Parents are quick to scoop their kids up a pair of blue light glasses due to all the increased screen time, but slow to make some simple adjustments for their own eye health.

One easy step that’ll help you keep 2020 in focus, is Essential Eyes by RidgeCrest Herbals. The formula contains a special herbal blend in addition to vision support through Lutemax (lutein, zeoxanthin and meso zeoxanthin) for healthy eyes and blue light support.

Having healthy eyes means that you feel better, stress less and have the focus you need through crazy homeschool and online school days ahead .

Are your kids home for school this school year? How are you exercising self love, self care?

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