Should You Cancel Your Travel Plans Because of the Attack in Brussels?

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I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and then I saw it, “#PrayforBrussels”. What? I panicked inside. What happened this time? In a desperate attempt to get some accurate information I swiftly moved my fingers across my computer to navigate to The truth is although we still have cable TV, I hardly ever watch anymore.

It’s a time suck. I’m too busy. And quite frankly there is just too much negativity so my mental filter is always on high alert. But, this I had to read. This I had to see. I skimmed the headline and read, “Brussels Attacks”. My heart sank. But we were just “Praying for Paris”.


Instantly memories of Brussels came to mind. I remember chocolates, train rides and pom frites. Yes, that trip was amazing. But wait, we just started planning another European adventure. Should we cancel? Maybe we shouldn’t travel as much. Well, at least not to Europe.

No. And no.

You cannot and should not live your life in fear. Why? Because you have to push through fear to get the life that you want to live. The life you deserve.

I really want the very best for you. I truly, truly do. But, the fact is that you could walk out of your house and be hit by a car. Dead. Not another song. Not another dream.

Of course, no one should intentionally make a date with danger. And yes, travel safety tips and precautions are a must. But you cannot stop being. Living. Dreaming.

kids at mlk

Don’t cancel or postpone your summer vacation. You can still take the train. And try unplugging from the TV for a little bit. The world can be a frightening place and unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to control that. But you can control your mind, your thoughts and your actions. So Live On. Dream On. Travel On.

Pray for Brussels. And I’ll see you at the airport.

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