5 Habits to Improve Mental Health for Modern Moms

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Whether you’re a new mom, veteran mom, homeschooling mom, working mom or something in between, one thing is for certain, “momming” is not easy. May is Mental Health Awareness month and these tips will keep your mind healthy, not just on specials occasions like Mother’s Day or your birthday, but all through out the year. Read on for practical habits to improve mental health especially for modern moms.

Sponsored Post by RidgeCrest Herbals: In recognition of Mental Health Awareness, if you are having particularly dark moods, thoughts of harming yourself or others please seek help right away.

Facial Fridays

Sometime after February 2020 (when the world came crashing down), I started to implement “Facial Fridays“. Facial samples and products were starting to pile up around the house and it was clear that I wasn’t making time to use them. I would say things like, “I’m going to give myself one facial a week” and never get around to do it. By implementing Facial Fridays, remembering to take time for yourself is built in and you take better skin for it too.

Time Away

Hear me out, all moms need time away from their children. If you have an infant that may be limited to showers, but as your kids get more independent, trips to the grocery store, scheduled spa days, momcations and even hiding away in the bathroom from time to time are all warranted.

Don’t be shy about requesting mommy hotel stays for birthdays and Mother’s Day either. I’ve done this before and it is fabulous!

Communicate Your Needs

That brings me to another point, your spouse and loved ones can’t help keep your mental health in check if you don’t communicate what you need. Does this sound familiar?

Them: “How are you?”

You: “Everything is good”

(Meanwhile, everything is falling apart around you).

In life, we tend to hold others responsible for meeting the needs of things we never communicated. It’s time to work on that. Recently, I had to pull back and realize that I was upset about something I never even communicated.

Quick fix:

Me: “I just want to let you know that I’m not cooking from now through Sunday”. Translation…you’re on your own honey.

Babe: “Ok, now I know that, I can plan accordingly”.

Problem solved.

Quick Sanity Savers

Every mom should have a first aid kit on hand. Kids are notorious for getting bumps and bruises. But, just like you have a first aid kit on hand for others, you should have a “kit” for yourself too. I call them, “Mommy Sanity Savers”. Some of the things on my list are getting a dose of RidgeCrest Anxiety Free, cozying up in my sauna blanket and following up with a cool glass of tall coconut water.

If I have more time I may just have a cup of white tea and find a nook to read a book. I always keep Anxiety Free on hand for those kind of mom moments. It’s not something that you have to take everyday. But even if you do, you can be rest assured that RidgeCrest Herbal products are made with all-natural ingredients.

Their products are also dairy free, wheat free, soy-free, corn-free, vegetarian and never GMO.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Outsource It

There are so many things that fight for our attention everyday, the good news is you don’t have to do them all. You don’t have to do everything for everybody.

There are companies that will launder you clothes, fold them, buy your groceries, cook your food…clean your home! Being a mom doesn’t mean that you have to do everything by yourself, it just means that you have to orchestrate it. Create these habits to improve mental health and get things done.

Speaking of which, this month is my birthday month. I like orchids, a clean house (I didn’t have to clean), tropical vacations, herbal tea, spa dates and peace of mind.

Thank you RidgeCrest Herbals for sponsoring this post.

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