Family Time: Call of the Wild Movie

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I have to be honest. February is not my favorite month. First of all, it’s COLD. Our school and work load is at it’s peak in February. Plus it’s COLD. The holidays are long gone, The new year as lost it’s “newness” and it’s COLD.

What I do like is spending time with my family, whether it’s cold or whether it’s warm. And one of our favorite ways to spend family time is going to the movies. Our latest family film pick, “The Call of the Wild” was not a typical choice.

You have to understand, my kids are the same ones that I tried to introduce Home Alone to this past holiday season and they asked me turn it off.

Why? “It’s too scary”, they said.

And even though they didn’t say much more, I knew that the lack of animation was an issue. So I turned it off.

The invitation to screen The Call of the Wild landed in my inbox and I knew this film was a “yes” for me. The Call of the Wild has a few good things going for it as a family movie pick. The main character is a smart dog named, “Buck”.

If your kids are fascinated with animals like mine are, this is a plus.

In addition, with a setting like the Yukon, how could you not be fascinated? We traveled to Banff, Canada not too long ago and the beauty of thick blankets of snow was mesmerizing.

Based on the novel of the same name, “Call of the Wild” written in 1903 by Jack London, Buck teaches viewers and families alike the meaning of loving with a big heart, resilience and following your TRUE calling.

No matter if you know what your calling is or not, it doesn’t change the fact that we all have a calling, You can choose to listen to it or ignore it. It’s easier to ignore the “call” at first.

When you ignore it, you get to avoid pain, hurt, disappointment and uncertainty.

But guess what?

You also miss out on fulfillment, belonging, purpose and a passion for life like you haven’t known.

Buck took the road of uncertainty. He eventually connects with Harrison Ford to live a life he never thought possible.

Call of the Wild is a wholesome family film. You won’t have to block your kids’ ears. You won’t have to cover their eyes. It’s a film that’ll make you ponder, your “call”.

Buck answered the call. Will you?

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