Food Tastes: Seafood Stew, Apple Pie and Lots of Salad

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Food is definitely one of my passions. A self proclaimed foodie, I am going to share some of my recent “tastes”. It’s the beginning of a New Year, so diets and eating more healthfully is on many people’s minds. Diets are not a part of my life or my vocabulary…my food choices and explorations are part of a lifestyle. I generally live by an 80:20 rule. This means that eighty percent of the time I eat whole nutritious food, the other twenty percent… not so much. Over the holidays, things tend to shift a bit but, as I once heard Kid Rock say, “Everything in moderation, even moderation”.

taco salad title

So the bottom line is, I like to eat and I like to cook. Fortunately, I don’t only value the taste of food, but I respect the chemistry and the ability of food to transform the human body. So here’s a taste of what I cooked and ate last month.

Breakfast: Eggs, salad (with olive oil, fresh cracked pepper) and crusty bread

fried eggs, crusty bread


Lunch: Steak Salad from Panera

Steak salad from Panera

  Dessert: Homemade Mini Apple Pies

Mini apple pies

The way I made the pie was sorta like this recipe, minus the pre-made Pillsbury crust I added on this one.

Breakfast: Eggs Benedict from The Pancake House

Eggs Benedict


Lunch: Taco Salad

taco salad

Dinner: Seafood Stew on Christmas Eve

Seafood stew

 What are you eating this month? Bon Appétit!


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