5 Books that Teach Kids About Love

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Valentines Day is almost here and whether or not you celebrate this holiday, it’s a great excuse to talk about love. I mean let’s admit it, the kids are probably still “amped up” on sugar from the holidays anyway so how are you going to celebrate this day of love? Young kids are like sponges and a new book can certainly be a welcome treat. This Valentine’s Day, find your favorite cozy corner and cuddle with your babies while reading through a new book. Here are five books that teach kids about love.

books that teach kids about love

1) Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You

Nancy Tillman is a New York Times bestselling author and it shows. Her words are captivating and pulsating. This book is the perfect length for young children and a suitable read right before that last kiss goodnight.

2) When a Dad Says “I Love You”

Patrick Swayze taught in us in “Ghost”, that men don’t always say the words, “I Love You”. This book teaches kids that dads have their own style when it comes to love and that’s OK.

3)You Are My I Love You

This is an absolute favorite. You may find your pages worn down from reading but kids will request this book it over and over again.

4) Guess How Much I Love You

I can’t really put into words or quantify how much I love my children. Can you? But Big Nutbrown Hare certainly tries to explain how much he loves Little Nutbrown Hare in this tender story. And it’s in the cutest way ever.

5) The Kissing Hand

This is our fave pick to help with “first day” anxiety. First day of school, camp…you fill in the blank. A great way to let your child know that your love will follow them wherever they go. If you get the book, be sure to get the one with stickers. It makes the book that more special.

So go ahead and add these books to your kids’ book collection. Reading is the gift that keeps giving and you’ll reach for these favorites time and time again.

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