7 Places to Find Mom Friends

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Every noticed that making friends is not as easy as it used to be? Especially once you become a mom, making new friends can be hard.
Looking for mom friends? Here are seven great places to strike up new friendships

As time passes some friendships no longer fit like they used to… just like favorite dress or sweater that has passed it’s prime. Work, kids activities and overall busy lifestyles make it hard to put “find new friends”, on the priority list. Not only that but, where do you find them anyway?

Believe it or not, finding new mom friends with like interests and lifestyles is easier than you may think. Here some places to find some new mom friends.

Grocery Store

The grocery store is a great place to find mom friends because you can literally meet someone with the same food preference and lifestyle as yours quite easily. Just strike up a conversation with someone that looks interesting, buying a product that you would like to try or a product you have tried before.

Ask her for a recipe idea. Something like. “I’ve always wanted to try that brand of pita chips, are they any good?”, is a great way to break the ice. Many moms go grocery shopping with their kids anyway, so you may not even have to guess if she is a mom.

Another easy way to tell if an unsuspecting shopper is a mom is by observing if she is buying children’s snacks and items or not. If she is picking up kids cereals, fruit snacks or other kids friendly groceries then she is most likely a mom.


Playgrounds are a great place to meet new mom friends. Lots of times, the kids already do the work for you by talking to each other first. All you have to do is jump in by using the kids as common ground.

Kids Activities and Events

Sporting events, dance, music, swimming and other kids activities are awesome for making new mom friends. The hard part is already done for you. Kids enrolled in these activities are interested in the same things and most likely live in the same area as you do. This makes for lots of common ground for a new mommy friend.


Lots of people spend at least part of their Sundays in church with their families. If you attend a church and see a mom who’s style you admire, tell her. Don’t be afraid to tell her how she is “rocking those shoes”. Just don’t let your red carpet commentary interrupt the service.

Again, most likely if the woman you are talking to has kids you will already know because lots of folks attend church as a family. After a few casual Sunday church conversations, both families can even plan to meet up for lunch after service.


Most local libraries have a children’s book area, story time and other library activities. Take your child to one of these children’s reading sessions and you may feel like you’ve jot the jackpot.

Women’s Conferences

Blog conferences, church conferences and any women’s conference you can think of is a great way to meet new mom friends. As a bonus, you will already know what at least one of her interest are. Having like interests is very important for long lasting friendships.

Children’s School

No mom friend search would be complete without a look at your child’s school. If your kids are in the same class then that’s even easier. Strike up a conversation about upcoming activities, car pooling or the next class assignment. Anyone you meet at school will most likely live in your same area, have school age kids and that alone can be the start of a budding friendship. So what are you waiting for, start looking for some new mom friends now.

Where have you found your mom friends?


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    Lately, I have found the best place to meet new friends is to visit other blogs! Many bloggers I‘ve ‘met’ have been very friendly and supportive!

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      That’s the great thing about the blogging community. I’m glad that you’ve found it supportive.

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    Definitely through church ministries and at the library for storytime! We’re all on this journey together and it’s so important to have other moms to connect with. We need each other for support and encouragement 🙂

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      Support is definitely key.

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    Karissa Sjaarda

    When I moved to a new city with our 5 month old, I joined MOPS. My closest friends are from there, now. And I teach a Christian preschool music and movement class where moms are in the class with their kids–I’ve also made friends this way.

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      I’ve heard great things about MOPS but have never been myself. I am glad it worked for you. And that preschool movement class sounds like a whole lot of fun!

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    Elise @frugalfarmwife.com

    For me, it really has to be spontaneous. If I go somewhere thinking “I really want to meet some people”, …I don’t know, I guess it just messes with my head lol.

    Aside from the friends I’ve made at church, Most of my friends come either from blogs, or facebook (through mutual friends – NOT just connecting with complete strangers.

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      Being a blogger certainly opens up a whole new world of friendship opportunities. I find that authenticity goes a long way no matter where connect with friends. I feel like my most genuine friendships came when I didn’t even expect it.

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    You are so right. I have had the hardest time finding friends. I live on a block with lots of kids so I have then good neighbor friends that I love. I use to have some of the other moms at my second daughters school but then I had a new baby and I can’t just take her with me for all the classroom help I was doing so you know how that goes.

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