10 Ways You Can Support a Black Owned Blogging Business

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I sent out an email to my list last night asking if “they were OK?”. I got a few texts back. But I received one email that was unexpected. My client in Utah. Coincidentally, “Utah” is emblazoned on the side of my pants in this picture of me “working from home”.

“Checking in, Lisa. how are you doing?”

That reply brought tears to my eyes. You know why? Because in my online life where I give and give and give, I hardly get asked, “How I am doing?”

I’m a type A personality with a capital A. I move. I plan. I work. I strategize. I create. I hardly complain.

My advice, my resources, prizes and time and people soak it up. And while I continue to love what I do, when my the community that I’ve built doesn’t support me in return, it can be hard.

As I continue to work through the emotions, here’s how I’m doing.

I founded a website and community that brings education, information, recipes and entertainment to people all over the globe every single day.

I never thought that it mattered but, according to Google, 85% of those people are of Caucasian descent.

I’m black and so is my family. We came to the continental United States from the Caribbean for more opportunity. To have a better life. We are entrepreneurs, we are hard workers, we are black in America.

We’ve been hard hit with financial burdens that come with working for yourself during a pandemic and no big support system to speak of.

People are asking others in private conversations, in Facebook groups and statuses…They’re asking how they can help a black business, how they can talk to their kids, how they can be better humans.

It occured to me that many people (even the ones that follow me), are not aware how they can support my small business.

A black owned business.

I don’t sell tangibles. My business is primarily information. In fact, when information is inquired of me, many expect me to be an open book like an encyclopedia with no thought into how my business survives.

So here are a few quick things you can do. Many of these tips will apply to other bloggers you know across the board.

  1. Join the Community: Stop being a lurker. Sign up for the newsletter. In this case, I’m also giving away my e-cookbook for Free.
  2. Tell your friends. Honestly, if you like the information and recipes so much, why not share it with your friends and colleagues? This is how you can support.
  3. Follow on social media. Social media is not about vanity. In online businesses, it’s an asset. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter. No, it’s not enough to log into see the content when it’s convenient. Hit “follow”. Hit subscribe.
  4. Share the blog in Facebook groups. There are several communities online, and people always need resources. Please share.
  5. Shop in my online shop: I have an Amazon shop with tons of vetted resources. I mean, you shop at Amazon anyway. The resources are categorized according to health. reading, travel, style and more: https://www.amazon.com/shop/theDomesticLifeStylist
  6. Take advantage of deals and offers. I’m a proud affiliate for a few companies. When you shop with them using my link, I get a small commission at no cost to you. Perdue (shop for quality chicken, beef, lamb and pork and get 15% using my link). Cratejoy (I love this site. I just signed up for the book club for my kiddies and will write about it soon. First timers can get 10%. There’s something here for everyone). Also, if you’re looking for places to grocery shop online, I put together a great list.
  7. Sign up for holistic coaching: I just started a coaching business to help people get healthier. You can sign up or find out more about it here: https://thedomesticlifestylist.com/holistic-health-coach/
  8. Share and like posts: See something that resonates with you? Hit the “like”. Share the posts. That doesn’t cost you anything.
  9. Sign up for conferences or online speaking events where I’ll be (if you can) or just share the event. Next up, I’ll be speaking at the SocaMom Summit on June 12th. You can register here.
  10. Read the blog posts.

So as you search for ways to support and show how inclusive you are, my point is, there’s a neighbor, there’s a friend, vendor, there’s a teacher, a parent that you interact with all the time.

Maybe, just maybe you’re looking for someone to help and they’re already there.

Are you showing your support? Have you asked your black friends and associates and colleagues, “How are you doing?”

The way that you can help is closer and easier than you think. Feel free to use these tips to support any black owned online creators and businesses.

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    5minutesformom (@5minutesformom)

    I love that photo of you so much!!! It reveals such a true story of what life looks like behind the camera. I’m sharing this post on Twitter and on Facebook. Supporting your family as a blogger is rough during regular times… and now it’s crazy hard. And yes, now is definitely a time to try harder to reach out and support small businesses owned by black people. Thank you for sharing your story and reminding us all.

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    Dr. Lisa

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Thank you so much.

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