Things You May Want to Buy This Month (April)

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I come across a lot of cool brands and fun products that I really enjoy. In fact one of my friends calls me a “Walking Wiki”. Many of my other friends frequently ask for health, style and lifestyle and other product recommendations of which I freely share. One of the places that I share my style and product recommendations is on my Amazon Shop.

Besides the Amazon Shop, I also share those recommendations on my Facebook page and inside my private Facebook page (Healthy Rx).

Since this is a new month, I thought it would be fun to have start writing actual posts with those interesting items, products I’m curious about, things I buy and other product recommendations.

My newest book purchase is chocked full of useful information. It’s called Prescription for Health Cures.

This blender helps me blend all my delicious smoothies and soups and is on of my top recommendations.

This foot peel is going viral. One of my followers on Facebook actually mentioned to me that she uses it so it’s going to be my next Amazon purchase. Supposedly it makes your feet baby soft. Sandal season is coming…you may want to jump on this.

Add this affordable and stylish running shoes to your spring wardrobe. It comes in lots of great colors.

This stylish white resin watch is water resistant and great for swimming and lots of sporting and exercise activities. The watch is an absolute steal at $17.00.

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