Tea Time March 2024

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I’m writing this “tea time” on LEAP Day of 2024. Seems appropriate since I mentioned (last month), that I would be doing more “leaping” this year…metaphorically I mean.

This time last year I was knee deep in putting the final touches on Be FINE. It feels good to finish what I started.

A year later, it’s more apparent than ever before why that book needed to be birthed. The fall out of handing over our health to greedy people more interested in profits over people, is vividly apparent.

I know you’ve seen it.

Of course, I did my part to warn people ahead of tsunami to come, but you have to let grown folks do what grown folks do.

On another note, I’m finding much pleasure in sharing my favorite things here and on my Amazon Shop again. This is the last day of Black History Month and there is joy in making my history my own way.

Now it’s time to spill the tea on some of my favorite finds this month.

Dr. Lisa’s March Trending Products

I uploaded many new pictures and videos to my Amazon Shop this month. Once you click into my shop, don’t forget to follow me on the Amazon app for product updates too. Click below:

Spring Essentials

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