Tea Time

Tea Time June 2024

It’s a new month and I’m officially taking in all the sunshine and relaxation that I can get. Rest and renewal is officially the name of the game. I’m also enjoying this season of travel and giving myself the freedom to not necessarily have to write about it. Of course as a home educator, summer […]

Tea Time May 2024

It’s time for another cup of tea time and let me tell you…I am so ready. The month of May is my month, also affectionally assigned the name “mom’s month” so that my family can understand the importance of the assignment. Have you ever realized that you were pouring from a cup that was empty? […]

Tea Time April 2024

It’s finally April and I’m bringing you another month of tea time. This time with actual tea. Read below and let’s get into it. Speaking of tea time, before I get into this month’s post, I decided to try a new brew in my cup, thanks to a “new to me” brand, ILOLA for sending […]

Tea Time March 2024

I’m writing this “tea time” on LEAP Day of 2024. Seems appropriate since I mentioned (last month), that I would be doing more “leaping” this year…metaphorically I mean. This time last year I was knee deep in putting the final touches on Be FINE. It feels good to finish what I started. A year later, […]

Tea Time February 2024

LEAP…that’s the word that suits me this year. Of course, this year is a LEAP year, but leaping is more than just about recognizing as extra day on February’s calendar. Leaping allows individuals to challenge themselves, it allows growth and big transformation in a smaller amount of time. When you’re “leaping” you push and do […]

Tea Time Jan 2024

It’s been almost 15 years since I started writing my thoughts on a tiny space on the internet, and 13 years since I started this blog. Many of you have seen this space grow and change over the years. And as I continue to evolve as a person, so will this space. This year, I […]