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Summer may be long gone but the fall travel season is in full swing. National Geographic recently published, “The Best Fall Escapes from Coast to Coast“, and there are more than a few places that have caught my eye. To help you get to your destination and make the most of your trip, I’ve rounded up some of the best travel apps for the occasion. I’ll be updating this list often, so make sure to pin it or bookmark for future reference.


Open Table

Whether you are traveling or not…you just have to try Open Table. Search and make reservations using your mobile phone all from the convenience of the app. The best part is, you can also earn points for completed reservations. Open Table makes searching new and trendy restaurants quick and easy, no matter where you are. (free)


Did I tell you about Uber yet? I first used the Uber app when I went to New York City last year to attend a conference. I’ve been a believer every since. Uber is like a cross between a cab and a town car but better. Use the app to secure a ride, pay the fare and even split the fare. Uber cars are operated by private citizens that use their cars to “taxi” riders around. The cars are always really clean and well kept. I’ve never had a bad experience and they are a must try in major cities. Uber is currently in 508 cities worlwide.

Worried about safety? Within the Uber app you can even send a friend details of your ride so that they can know exactly where you are. (free)


An extension of the website, use Tripadivor to get reviews on hotels, restaurants and rentals. Plan details of your flight and book your trip right within the app. Read candid reader reviews to get the scoop on where to go. It’s like your own little travel buddy. (free)

Hop Stop

Traveling to a new city can be overwhelming. Hop Stop allows users to transition between public transit on the train, bus, and even walking to get to their designated location. This is even better than Google Maps because not only can you get directions to your destination, but bus and train schedules are also available right within the app. If you choose, you can even view a map of your chosen city for a mere 0.99 cents. Don’t worry though, you can use the bulk of the app for free! (free)

Google Trips

Parking Panda

I hate looking for parking. Did I say hate? I meant hate. Especially in major cities like Washington DC, searching for parking can be a real bummer. Parking Panda is a free app that allows users to find Parking Panda garages in over 40 cities and make reservations in those garages. The best part is that any reserved parking is guaranteed.


One of the headaches of traveling by plane is flight delays. The Flight Stats app allows users to simply enter an airline carrier and flight number and get up-to-date flight information right at your fingertips. It’s that simple. Bypass the hassle of calling the airlines or checking the websites for the information and opt for convenience instead. It’s that simple.


No internet access is required to access maps all around the world. We certainly could have used CityMaps2Go, on road trip through the French Riviera. (free)

Google Translate

Stop everything you’re doing and download Google Translate right now. The app can be used both on and offline. As long as you are traveling to non-English speaking countries…and you should…this app is for you. This app saved us on our trip to France as well. (side note: I really should have studied French.) (free)

Bring Fido

Don’t leave Fido home without checking out this app first. Bring Fido will give you the deets on hotels that are dog friendly. (free)


Do you like using LivingSocial to find deals in your town? Then you’ll love using the LivingSocial app during travel too. There are so many fun deals to be had. (free)


TripCase allows users to access all the details of their trip within the confines of one app. No more toggling between email, Apple Wallet and paper print outs for the information you need. It’s all there. Plus, this app gets bonus points because you can get flight information too! (free)

What apps are you using to streamline your travel? I would love to know.

Original post written on February 26, 2015. Updated to include updates, changes and new apps.

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    Hi Lisa. These are some really useful apps when traveling. I must agree. I use quite a few and have no regrets! Loving your entries!

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      I sometimes wonder how we got along without all this ingenuity. Life was more simple I guess. Thanks for reading Willa and please tell a friend!

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    Great Tips! Having the right apps can make things so much easier!

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      Yes! They sure do Tyler. That’s why I had to share.

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    Oh I’m can’t wait to check out these apps next time I’m traveling about! Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty 🙂

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