Lyrical Artist

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My art is my words.
My words are my art.
These are the words that come from my heart.

It doesn’t always come with applause.
There is always great pause.

Fused with passion.
Laced with intention.
Too many other things to mention.

Critics are fast. Social validation is slow.
With ease I still ebb and flow.

My art is my words.
My words are my heart.
I’m a lyrical artist at heart.

Fashion Inspiration

My romper is sold out but, I’m linking some other cute flowy rompers below. I hope they inspire you to get your pad and pen out and get into that poetry flow. Good fashion inspires.

By the way, out of all the clothing I’ve tried, I find rompers to be the most inspiring to write poetry in. It’s something about the way they flow.

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