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Six Savvy Ways to Organize Your Baby’s Room

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Organizing kids spaces can be so tedious at times.  How do you manage functionality with style? Better yet, how do can you organize your home so that the kids’ things do not “take over”. I don’t know the answer to that question. But I do have a few techniques that I have employed in our home that work really well for us.  With a new baby on the way, I am revisiting how to organize our baby’s room all over again. This time, the new challenge is how to organize the baby’s space and have it coexist among an already lived-in toddler space (since they are sharing a room).  I must disclose however, that I am one of those parents that doesn’t really like the traditional “baby” look of a nursery.

Here are seven savvy ways to organize your baby’s room.

Get a Pretty Basket

Tips to keep a baby nursery organized

 Try storing diapers in something besides a traditional diaper caddy. I found this ultra cute basket at Target and have already started storing some of baby’s diapers in there.

A simple wicker basket is transformed into storage for all those little baby lotions and toiletries that need a home.

Wicker tolietry basket

Shoe Hanger

Shoe hanger

 I’ve seen lots of closet organization systems designed specifically for nurseries but think that a simple door shoe organizer can work wonders. Place it  over the door and store shoes, socks, diapers, onesies…whatever. The baby’s things are so tiny initially, just about anything will fit.

A Simple Chest

Flower chest

Someone bought our daughter a gift a few years ago and it was stored in this pretty little chest. I have since reused it to store our daughter’s pretty little bows and hair accessories.  It does the trick!

Drawer Stickers

drawer stickers

I can’t say enough about these Kiddie Drawer Stickers. I don’t have to tell our toddler which drawer to put what in because all of her drawers have these little pictures of articles of clothing on them. There are cut outs of swim suits, underwear, pants, skirts…whatever. It’s all there.

Closet Hangers

Closet hangers

I just can’t get enough of these closet organizers. I think that we got these from Babies R’ Us. They help to keep all of babies clothes in order according to size. This comes in handy because I already have some items for baby up to 2 years old and can easily keep them in order.

Filing System

File Folder

Keep medical records and documents in order with a file organizer. Even though it is just a file organizer, this is yet another opportunity to inject some style into your nursery’s décor. Choose colors and patterns that compliment you and your baby’s style.

What are some of your favorite ways to keep your baby’s space organized?

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