It’s Like an Infrared Sauna at Home But, Better

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I don’t know about you but these days, health and wellness is top of mind for just about everyone. If you’re looking for a way to get healthier with minimal effort, an infrared sauna blanket may be just what you need. And. If you’ve ever been interested in having a spa-like experience without the commute, having an infrared sauna at home, is the way to go! if you are thinking about buying the Higher Dose Sauna Blanket? Read this first.

When people unexpectedly found themselves taking part in what is was called “the new normal“, it was stressful to say the least. But, eating the right foods, detoxifying and finding ways to relax and de-stress has always been a big aspect of staying healthy no matter time of year it is.

If keep your immunity naturally boosted is important to you, an infrared sauna blanket may be a purchase that you want to consider.

Steam Rooms Versus Saunas

There are a two main types of saunas. Saunas that use dry heat and those that use infrared heat. Traditional or dry heat saunas use hot rocks as the heat source.

One can add some water on those rocks to create a more moist environment but, the steam is limited. Saunas are built to intentionally limit humidity build up. There is a continuous flow of air throughout the sauna to keep inside dry. Often times people confuse steam rooms and saunas but, they’re not the same thing.

Steam rooms on the latter keep steam in. There is something inside steam rooms called a “steam generator”. It keeps the humidity in the steam room at one hundred percent.

Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas are more than about jumping on the latest wellness trend. They promise a plethora of health benefits. These wellness benefits include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Release of Unwanted Toxins
  • Creating a sense of relaxation
  • A Better Night’s Sleep
  • Arthritic and Pain relief
  • Improved Mood

Potential Drawbacks of Infrared Saunas

Although these are great benefits, there are some drawbacks when it comes to purchasing traditional infrared saunas too.

Bulky: They take up a lot of space.

Costly: Expect to pay thousands of dollars for what you need.

Requires More Energy: Sauna take a longer to heat up and requires a lot of energy.

Hence, one of the ways to stay healthy from the comfort and convenience from home is by using an infrared sauna blanket. I really like mine. Let me tell you more about it.

Higher Dose Sauna Blanket

I bought this blanket with my own money. NOT a sponsored post.

The higher dose blanket has all the benefits of infrared saunas wrapped up into a convenient package. It takes up less room, is more affordable and you can use it any time you want.

As of writing this article, an hour long infrared sauna session costs $65 at the Higher Dose facility in New York Studio. As a result, you just need less than ten uses from these sauna blankets to make this a worthwhile investment.

Currently, I keep my sauna blanket between my relaxation room and family room to make sure I’m getting the most use. The key is to keep it nearby for easy access.

Every time, I use my sauna blanket I feel a noticeable difference in my quality of sleep, and am more relaxed. Honestly with my busy schedule, I just need a place of “calm” sometimes.

This is a health investment you definitely want to make.

Take a look at this video to see how I use it.

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