Work at Home Essentials to Add Comfort & Style to Your Day

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I started my blog almost 10 years ago and although I’ve spent some of that time at that time in working outside the home, much of that time, I’ve worked on that blog from home. Thanks to the recent pandemic the majority of the population is now working from home.

But, just because you’re working from home, that doesn’t mean that style can’t be added to your day. Thankfully, I’ve listed some of my favorite work at home essentials to add style and comfort to your day.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Most of us have heard of blue light. It’s everywhere. However, as ever present as this light is, the eyes are not good at blocking it.

And guess what?

Blue light is very damaging to the eyes. Once those rays get to the retina, they can cause eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches and even macular degeneration. Blue light filters and blue light eyewear can help to reduce that strain.

Here are some affordable blue light classes to add some style and ease the eye strain in your day.

Most Affordable Blue Light Glasses

Most Popular Blue Light Glasses

Amazon Finds: Relaxed Joggers (Around $20)

Who said that comfort and style can’t go together? Now you can wear pajama pants all day without really wearing pajama pants.

Most Popular Jogger Styles

Comfy Slides

I recently purchased some comfly slides and not only are they comfortable, they are so cute. I just may get a few other colors too.

Shop the Look

Exact Items

Navy & Ivory Diamond Trellis Rug//Cozy Spa Mules//Blue Light Blocking Glasses//Biker Jogger Pants

Shop the Look

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