Natural Eye Health: Eye Care Tips for Healthy & Beautiful Eyes

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When it comes to eye health, are you doing what you can to keep your eyes healthy? Of course you should make sure that you keep up with your well visits and see your eye doctor as normal but, when it comes to natural eye health, there’s a lot more to do besides reading those Snellen charts at the doctor’s office. Are you ready to take care of your eyes for real? Here are some eye care tips for healthy and beautiful eyes.

Stay Hydrated

You may be tired of hearing it but, drinking water is not just for general health and well-being but eye health too. Drinking lots of water allows the body to flush itself naturally from debris and toxins. Keeping good hydration is also key because there is lot of fluid around the eyes.

If you’re having trouble with your water intake try changing it up by swapping out your normal H20 with strawberry basil water, lemon water or even another homemade fruity variety.

Staying hydrated with water also helps eyes to stay bright. Dehydrated eyes are red, dry, blotchy and itchy. None of those things make for healthy or beautiful eyes.

Drinking alcohol is also dehydrating and it’s consumption can lead to dry, irritated eyes and even blood shot eyes.

Keep Seasonal Allergies in Check

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Having seasonal allergies is no fun at all. When it comes to keeping eyes bright and allergy free, being proactive is the name of the game. Not only can itchy allergy prone eyes be uncomfortable but, rubbing those itchy eyes lead to premature wrinkles around your eyes.

Using an herbal antihistamine, like RidgeCrest Herbals Sinus Clear, is a great way to keep seasonal allergies away.

Eat Well

A well rounded diet filled with colorful fruits and vegetables is a big factor in maintaining healthy eyes. Specifically, beta carotene-containing foods like kale, spinach, carrots, apricots and cantaloupe are ideal and pack a healthy punch.

Try these recipes for healthy eyes:

Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light

I’m wearing blue light blocking glasses in this picture. Options below. You can also get them with the optional magnifier as reading glasses.

It is astounding to me how many people haven’t heard about blue light and the damage that it causes retinas. The truth is, about 70% of American suffer from some sort of digital eye strain. The culprit is prolonged use of digital devices like laptops, computers, smart phones and even televisions.

Blue light is short high energy light waves. Although most blue light comes from the sun, the blue light that comes from screens and devices sits at much closely in proximity to our faces and people are spending more time with screens for longer periods of time than ever before.

Eye doctors and patients alike are seeing the ramifications of blue light like digital eye strain and even more increased eye health concerns over time.

One of the ways to protect eyes from blue light is by buying blue light blocking or computer glasses. I recently upgraded my pair and so far, I like what I see.

If you’d like to know where to buy blue light blocking glasses, check out this work at home essentials post where I wrote an exhaustive list featuring some of my favorite styles.

Additionally, taking supplements like Essential Eyes from RidgeCrest can help with natural eye health and is an important part of visual eye defense.

One of the key ingredients in RidgeCrest Herbal’s Essential Eyes, Lutemax 2020, contains lutein and zeaxanthin carotenoid which reduce inflammation and are great at filtering blue light. Lutemax 2020 is naturally occurring and found in marigolds.

Along with herbal blends, roots and spices, Essential Eyes makes a winning combination for eye health and protection from damaging blue light.


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While blue light blocking glasses block damaging blue light, a good pair of sunglasses blocks UV light . Similar to how UV light damages skin, those rays are detrimental for eyes too.

As a result, wearing sunglasses are an important aspect of keeping eyes healthy. Likewise, the skin around the eyes is especially thin and susceptible to sun damage and wrinkles. Simply put, wearing sunglasses can keep that area of the eyes smoother, longer.

Not to mention, National Sunglasses Day is on June 27th and sunglasses are pretty stylish too.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

There seems to be an ongoing mindset that sleep is overrated. But, that is not the case. Getting a good night’s rest is one of the best things that you can do to move your health in the right direction.

When it comes to bringing out the best in your eyes, 7-8 hours of restful sleep is needed.

According to several reputable sources, our eyes need adequate sleep and rest to replenish themselves during the day. According to Spectrum Eye Care, lack of sleep can lead to dry eye syndrome, which include itchy eyes, spasms and blurred vision.

Getting restful sleep is also what the doctor ordered for healthy nerve tissue around the eyes, for eyes that are less tired, red and beautiful inside and out.

So if you’re ready to take good care of your eyes, use these tips to keep your eyes healthy, happy and beautiful for many years to come.

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