February Grocery Sales Cycles

February Grocery Store Sales Cycles: What to Buy this Month

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In January, I mentioned that I was starting a monthly series on sales cycles at the grocery store. The items listed below are a few items that I noticed that go on “special or on sale” in the month of February. In case you missed it, you can still go back and find the sales cycle for January.

February Grocery Sales Cycles

Below are the sales cycle observations for the month of February. I use the term grocery store loosely. Since, I do tend to shop around to get a good bargain, I should mention that pharmacy is my usual source for the health/wellness and beauty items. You will tend to find the same shopping trends at your grocery store as well.

February Sales Cycles

February is the month of love, and the Super Bowl. So here are the specials and sales that you can expect to see this month. The sales having to do with the Super Bowl will be more toward the beginning of the month. So scoop them up before their gone.


Health & Wellness

Personal lubricant



Pregnancy Tests



Chicken and other meats

Snack and frozen foods (like pizza’s and appetizers)

Chips, snacks

Condiments (like hot sauce)


Collard greens

Brussels sprouts




To see great list of what fruits and vegetables to buy in the winter visit: FruitandVeggiesMoreMatters.org

So if you want to stock up on these items, this is the time. *smile*



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    Good to know! And I can’t help but smile at the reason for some of those sale items – the super bowl and vday. Makes sense. 🙂

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      I know! 😮 Timing is everything.

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    The health and wellness items totally make sense lol. Found your blog while I was doing my SITS thing.

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      Thanks for stopping by Stacie.

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    Roni Faida

    I had no idea there was a sale cycle! That’s for educating me! SITS girl stopping by!

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      Yes. It is so liberating to know what to expect year after year. But as we know things can always change. I know didn’t get everything. But, this should be a pretty good start.:-)That’s why I am encouraging readers to share their observations as well.

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