Spring Tea Party Menu

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Spring is such a lovely time of year. If you are planning on having  a spring tea party, the menu options are endless. Certainly you don’t have to have a lot of money to plan a fancy tea party like the one’s at the Ritz London.

Spring tea part menu

There are things that you have in your home right now that can serve as a canvas for a fancy spring tea party. Here’s what you’ll need:


chicken salad sandwich

Offer two to three types of crustless sandwiches to your tea party guests. Cucumber and dill sandwiches and turkey sandwiches are traditional fare but how about serving your guests curry chicken salad  and egg salad sandwiches. I served these sandwiches at a recent party and they were both a hit!

Bread and non-bread eaters alike will love noshing on crab and avocado deviled eggs.


coconut macaroons

Tea biscuits, wafer cookies and coconut macaroons make good cookie choices for a tea party. You can pick your favorite cupcakes from a local bakery and cake tortes and apple tarts never go out of style. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to make these things yourself,  unless of course you want to.

nutella and cream cheese sandwiches

Tip: Offer guests a sweet sandwich option such as this Nutella and whipped cream cheese sandwiches.  This is especially great if children will be in attendance. 


What is a tea party without tea? Have a few options available for guest to choose from. Black tea, green tea and a herbal variety are a good place to start. Make sure to have sweeteners like honey, white and brown sugar and sugar substitutes available as well.  As odd as this may seem,  not all guests at your tea party will be hot tea drinkers…I’ve seen this first hand. Be certain to have a chilled beverages such as this blueberry thyme lemonade or even an iced sweetened tea for those guests to make sure your tea party is a sweet success.

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