homemade Christmas card tree

How to Make a Homemade Christmas Card Tree or Display

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I have a love annoyance relationship with photo Christmas cards. I love photo Christmas cards. In fact, we use Snapfish every year to find the perfect design and then use photos from our travels to make the perfect Christmas card.

homemade Christmas card tree

Many friends and families also send us cards and I love seeing how their families change every year. The only problem is, what is one to do with all these beautiful Christmas picture cards? They deserve to be displayed in the most creative way.

After all, people spent so much time coordinating nap times, securing photographers and selecting the perfect outfits for this momentous occasion. Simply placing them on a mantle or on the side of the refrigerator is not doing them justice.

The perfect way to display these photo cards is to make a homemade Christmas card tree. The best part is that you already have most if not all of these supplies at home already. This craft should not cost you more than $2.00.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Twigs (gather old fallen twigs and branches from around the neighborhood or from your next nature walk). You could also opt to get fancy and buy some from a home design store. Feel free to spray paint your branches if you desire.

Hole puncher (If you have young kids, you should already have a single hole puncher at home).
Snow flake ornaments (use any light ornaments you want or make your own).
Scissors (freebie)
Tree branches (free or you can buy some fancy ones)
Twine (free or $1.00)
Vase (Free: any old flower vase will do) Never toss out those old flower vases. They always come in handy.

Gold or silver painted branches would be really nice. I’m just showing you how to “girl it’s Christmas Eve and I don’t have that much time” version.

Cute the twine to about 6-8 inches long. That way there can be enough twine to make a bow. Punch holes in the middle of each card making sure to avoid any heads or limbs. That would just be weird…you know?

Once you are through, thread the twine through the holes on the card and tie onto the the twigs that have already placed in the vase.

homemade Christmas card tree

Add any light or plastic ornaments (not heavy), such as these cute snowflakes. I actually got mine for 75% off and ended paying just a dollar for about a dozen.

In the end, what you’ll have is a beautifully handmade Christmas card tree that you can enjoy as long as you want.

Watch the “how to” video below.


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