Food Ideas for 9 month old baby

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Orginal Date: September 27, 2010
Recently a friend of mine asked me, “What types of foods are you preparing for your 9 month old daughter”?  As I responded to her, I thought about how many times I have been asked that question and how many new moms appear to be a little confused about what to feed their babies at this time.  It is a perplexing time. Although mother’s milk and formula are still very much staples in your new baby’s diet, there is still a lot that your little one should not have.  The gradual introduction to new foods, potential allergies, food safety and possible choking hazards are all things that need to be taken into consideration.   
Over the next five days, I will track my daughter’s dietary conquests and culinary explorations.     Of course, only you, your baby’s pediatrician and your baby can determine what is best to eat.  But, my hope is that other parents will find inspiration and maybe even share some of your ideas as well.    In the interest of saving money, all of the food is prepared at home.  In the interest of food safety, I only use the freshest ingredients,  food is pureed or mashed according to your baby’s stage  of development and any food portions that have already been noshed on should be thrown away.  Oh and just so you know, my baby does not have any teeth yet.
Day 1 (9/27)
Breakfast:   Mixed fruit melody with infant oatmeal and mother’s milk
Lunch: Roasted chicken pieces, avocado and chickpeas
Snack:  Applesauce mixed with plain yogurt (full fat variety)
Dinner: Roasted chicken, corn, chickpeas mixed with yogurt

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