Food Diary of 9 month old (Day 5)

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Ok, this is the last day of the food diary that I created for my 9 month old.  I originally started this food diary four days ago to give others ideas about the types of foods that they may be able to prepare for their babies.  Preparing your baby’s food takes planning and preparation but it is worth it. 

Breakfast- Applesauce mixed with oatmeal

Lunch- Chicken noodle/vegetable soup, applesauce for dessert

Snack- Cheerios and pieces of cucumber

Dinner- Chicken noodle/vegetable soup, applesauce mixed with yogurt for dessert

I hope that you took away some meal ideas for your little one.  The key is to make at least one big meal in the beginning of the week.  In my case that was the chicken soup.  It took me some time to make…but once I did, it was quite a staple for my whole family.  For my daughter I simply pureed the soup for a few seconds.  Since I had prepared the soup without salt & other seasonings,  when I ate from it I added salt, pepper and a little Parmesan cheese.   That was the jazzed up adult version.

See previous entries for other meal ideas for your little one.

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