House Guests: Easy Tips to Make Your Guests Feel at Home

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House guests. Most of us have had them at some time or the other. Some house guests are our friends and family. Others are friends of your family. Some house guest we know pretty well and others… not so much. But, no matter who they are or how well we know them, one thing is for sure, these guests are sleeping under your roof and they should feel “at home”. And why shouldn’t they?

Easy tips to make house guests feel at home


One of the reasons hotels are so popular is because most hotels do a good job of making their guests feel welcome. As they should.

Rooms are clean, beds made, towels folded and some hotels may even have an amenity in the guest room upon arrival. That makes hotel guests feel welcome and appreciated. The guest may even want to come back and visit. Now that’s hospitality.

It’s  hard enough sleeping in someone else’s bed, using someone else’s toilet and missing the conveniences of one’s home without adding “did not feel welcome” to the list.  Your house guests want to feel at home. They want to feel wanted. People yearn to feel appreciated…even if only for their company. The good news is, there are some easy things you can do to make your house guests feel more at home.  The only problem is… be prepared that they may not be in a hurry to leave. [Tweet “People yearn to feel appreciated if only for their company #home #hospitality “]

In any case, here are some Easy Tips on How to Make Your House Guests Feel Welcome.

Offer a clean room. Sounds simple enough right?

Put air freshener in their room. Vanilla and lavender are soothing and welcoming scents. Stay away from musky or heavy scents.

Leave cleans towels/washcloths on their bed. It’s a nice touch. That way your guests have everything they need to get “freshened up” after their arrival.

Put extra rolls of toilet tissue in guest bath. Listen, no one want to have to announce their bodily functions. Well, at least no one past the age of 5.

Stock their favorite snack and/or drink. It’s an extra touch that can help make your house guests feel appreciated.  If you don’t know their favorite beverage or snack, fruit and water are always a good bet. Don’t forget, you can always ask.

Make a welcome basket. Use an empty basket or tray and put items like soap, travel toothpaste, toothbrush, floss in the room. Type or write a welcome note which includes places or activities of interest, area maps, wifi passwords, special instructions for TV viewing etc.

Give them a tour. Once your guests have settled in, give them a tour of your home. Make sure to point of things that may be used often during their stay. Thermostats, alarm keypads, trash cans, even a nearby playground may be of guest interest if they are traveling with kids. Of course,  the guest  room and bathroom facilities should also be on this list.

Make your home inviting. After traveling to get to your home, your guests may be hungry. Be sure to have a meal already prepared or have meal arrangements made once your guest has arrived at your home.  Floral bouquets in areas like bathrooms, living areas and guest spaces are also a nice touch. Remember, blooms don’t have to be expensive. Grocery bought floral arrangements can be quite nice.

So, the next time  house guests come knocking, try these quick and easy tips and make your house guests feel at home.

Are you expecting house guests? What do you do to make your guests feel at home?

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